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coventry, warwickshire, midlands fairs?

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  • coventry, warwickshire, midlands fairs?

    Does anyone know of any craft fairs, big or small, coming up in the Midlands area? I need to get some more christmas sales in!

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    Have you thought about the one at Quinborne Community Centre in Birmingham on 8th December? There is a thread on here somewhere - I'm not techie enough to add the link - from Egglestonswoodcrafts. He was looking for more crafters for that one.


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      Thanks Primmers, but he says no more art/pictures - I'm unwanted!!! Boohoo!
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        I'm sorry about that. I thought your photos were lovely, and the most beautiful frames too.
        On Saturday my daughter and I are off to the Dudley Canal Trust with our table under our arm. I don't know how we'll do: there is a thread on here by Laura Vickers about it. I had thought of that, but it could be a bit far for you, and I'm not sure if your lovely pics might not be too expensive ( I don't mean I think you're over-priced, I don't, I mean that folks coming down to the limestone caverns and canal tunnels might not have that much cash on them!) for that particular venue.

        I'm not sure how they'd do.

        Someone at Coventry thought our bookmarks were too dear ( they vary between 25p and £1,00, really big bucks) and hadn't looked at the work involved in them. There's cutting, layering, punching, trimming, ribboning- grrrr- and finally laminating. Each one takes about half an hour: the larger ones, that is. I was a bit miffed at the comment.


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          Thanks, thats nice of you to say. Yes, I think you're right about Dudley - not for me, but good luck, I hope you have a good day.

          Thats unbelivable that someone had the nerve to say that 25p-£1 is too expensive!!! What can you say to that?! I had a couple of people barter me down at Coventry, which is a bit annoying as it's like they just aren't appreciating how much time and effort you've put in to the piece, but hey, I'm glad to sell anything anytime, so I guess you just have to grin and bear it!!

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            I did enjoy Coventry - I thought it was really well-organised. A couple of churches in the town also had bazaars and so on on on the same day- I only know this because I spotted the noticeboards outside the churches, whilst I was driving by, screaming, trying to find the Hall! - and that's outside the organiser's power. Most church bazaars offer goods very cheaply indeed. I use them as a source of necklaces and bracelets to be broken up for beads - you can ditch the 'orrible ones -and a real craft fair can't compete.

            I'm sorry you were beaten down on some of your pictures. I think some people just expect to pay for the materials involved and disregard time, thought, design and so on. Never mind the overheads!

            It could be that Dudley isn't for you: I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. I don't know how many are coming, what they do, or if Laura has had any further esponse from the site, or if she's asked anywhere else. Knowing my luck there'll be a trillion cardmakers all strung along the towpath.....

            Himself is coming along in the morning to help get the table and gear to the pitch. It has to be carried from the carpark down the canal-bank - a paved but hairpin path - and up and over a bridge in front of tunnel No 1, then along the opposite towpath to wherever Laura has put us. My daughter's mobility is limited ( she has to walk with a stick as the result of a horse-riding accident three years ago) and she simply wouldn't make so many trips up and down. She physically couldn't do it.

            She's having hydrotherapy for the bad hip, but this has proved not-too-effective. As a result of her enforced immobility, she has piled on the pounds, which puts strain on her hip, but she can't exercise because of her hip, and round and round it goes. I think it will ultimately end in surgery. She's tried everything else!

            It will give Himself a chance to see what goes into a stall: he tends to dismiss it all as a bit of fluff. Ha! You get muscles like a navvy, lugging all the stuff about!


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              Coventry was very well organised, there was so much good quality stuff there, its a shame the Coventry people missed out on it! It was a lovely day.

              Good luck with the obstacle course tomorrow !
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                Well, Toni, there ain't gonna be an obstacle course tomorrow!

                I had an email from Laura: unless stallholders have their own public liability insurance they won't be allowed to set up. The Trust's insurnace doesn't cover them. Unfortunately I only found out very late this evening: my email has been down for some of the night and the pooter hogged by others - instead of ME - for most of the night.

                So there's the car on the drive, packed: there's the daughter sleeping over, fast asleep with puppy, the table covers washed and pressed, the curly twigs stowed away - and nowhere to go tomorrow.

                I had had an email earlier in the week from the organiser of the Elford Christmas market. He had had a rethink about the insurance and asked me if I'd like to go along. Well yes I would have, but I had committed myself to the Canal Trust's event and so turned him down. And I can't just up sticks and turn up at Elford, so I have missed two opportunities. If I had known earlier in the week that the Canal Trust was going to play silly B's about insurance I'd have bitten Elford's hand off!

                This weekend was the last opportunity I had to sell cards at a fair. I can't take them to Quinton, as he already has a cardmaker.

                The following weekend I don't have a fair booked at all, but we are off to Sheffield to see my lovely mother-in-law, who is truly lovely, lovely, lovely, before she makes her annual Christmas pilgrimage to Woking to stay with her daughter till the New Year.

                And the weekend after that - it's NEARLY CHRISTMAS!


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                  Really sorry you missed out on your canal fair. Why did they leave it to the last kick before ??? insurance.

                  Hope you you got your money back.

                  There loads of threads on here about insurance and getting it at a good price.

                  Most of the shows up here asked for insurance and risk assesments.

                  Cheers Janice.


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                    I didn't pay anything for a table - the idea was that any crafters who went would donate a percentage of the takings to Acorns Children's Hospice.
                    It was a lovely idea, and quite a prominent venue. The Limestone
                    Ccaverns and canal tunnels are bidding for a big chunk of lottery money to restore and make safe the caverns, develop them, to make a 'green' corridor between some of the various little Black Country towns and I don't know what all else.

                    Laura, who had been asked by the Trust to arrange the craft stalls, had only been given a fortnight to do it in.
                    As her knowledge of how to do this was nil, I recommended her to come onto the forum to put out feelers.

                    The craft fair was an add-on to a legging event she had been asked to arrange ( legging the boats through the tunnels) and I think she got ten teams of leggers, including the local police. Oooh, all those blue serge legs.....

                    She was simply trying to make the event as big and entertaining as possible, and hadn't really been given enough time to do it in.

                    I think she will probably do one next year too, and of course she's got a lot more info now!

                    Bless her, she did what she could in the time available. She not only ran into difficulty in the way of insurance, and a recalcitrant local Council, but also in the way of a licence for a raffle, and an entertainment licence for the band she had asked to play.

                    The Canal Trust already does tons of work in promoting and restoring the canal network - you can't drive anywhere here in the Black Country without going over a humpty-back bridge over a canal ( usually called The Cut).

                    The do narrowboat trips on those lengths of the cut that have been made renavigable.

                    The caverns and the cuts are a huge part of England's industrial heritage, and I do hope they get the lottery funding.

                    I was disappointed that we couldn't have a table there, and also that I was then - by the time I found out - too late for Elford.

                    Yesterday was my last Chance before Christmas of selling my ornaments and cards. I'll put them on Etsy today, but time is running out for any potential USA sales ( last posting day is 10th December) and Europe ( 13th December).

                    There is one silver lining. It meanst that Himself and I went and got ALL the Christmas shopping done: over, done, finished!!!!!


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                      Primmers - have you seen the new post about the Hoar Park event - any good for you?
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