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  • £25 clear profit

    Well not too bad, I thought I would put this up for all of us who are a bit down hearted about fairs at the mo. I did a fair over the weekend and took £43 by time I put in cost of table and petrol, I reckon I cleared £25. So all of you who are not making much, a bit of good news spurs us on. Good look to all of you who are crafting for Christmas, I know it's not much but it's a start, hopefully more people will add their news too.

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    Just to add to the good news, I did one today that I know I have easily covered the table costs on and probably a bit over (haven't actually checked how much I took yet) - plus I had a very enjoyable day.



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      It is good news, well done. It lifts your heart a bit, doesn't it?

      Although I came away from Coventry having made a loss, I still enjoyed it very much!


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        More good news

        Good news all round today. I did a Christmas gift fair in Northampton today which was my first big fair. Including fees for my stand, petrol, cost of materials for all of the items sold I still managed to make about a £50 profit. It was my best yet so I am really pleased.


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          Well done everyone!!! Great to hear you have all done well this weekend and enjoyed your fairs
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            I have begun to think that perhaps the best thing about craft fairs is meeting a diverse lot of people and having a friendly fun filled day!!
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              Well done everyone, glad to see xmas shoppers are starting to spend their pennies

              Good news for me too, I sold two items of jewellery today to a person that saw my bits at my craft fair but didnt purchase at the time.

              Fingers crossed the next few weeks are busy for everyone
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                wooo hooo, that is good news!!

                I've got a school christmas fair this Friday evening and its only for 2 hours, so fingers crossed its 3rd time lucky for me!

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                  I'm so glad that everyone is having a better time at the fairs!
                  I've got slightly different story but still a success..I went on Create and Craft last Thursday morning and since then (4 days) I have had 56 orders on my website and an increased order for more stock from Create and craft!! It's been mad!!!
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                    Great News....

                    .....Wonderful to hear things are on the up!

                    Looking forward to Bath this coming Saturday. I'm just sat here handstitching angels robes. Yesterday I stitched all the wings together. Hopefully I'll have finished a dozen by tonight along with some teacup pincushions.

                    On to lined baskets tomorrow!

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                      Well done everyone. Nice to hear about all your success's.

                      I always enjot the company at fairs. Dont always make money but "hey ho" always meet nice people.

                      Cheers Janice


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                        i did my second fair at the weekend and made £50. was between a lady selling things like a Bob the builder pop up tent and chewing gum(!) and the most lovely woman selling hand made jewellery and scarves. the lady selling tat made a fortune and the other lady sold nothing. but we had a great chat and swopped details about we buy our beads.
                        had lots of the 3 P's - especially about my wine glass charms. if i had sold a set for every person who said they were lovely and then bought nothing, i could have retired by now!!


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                          Well fingers crossed it continues! I've got a 4 day event starting on Thursday that I am still frantically making stuff for It's at Light-water Valley near Ripon, North Yorkshire if anyone fancies popping along!! It's part of their Victorian Christmas event and they have got 60 coaches booked in for the Thursday so fingers crossed!
                          Well done everyone else on the success - hopefully I can add to it on Sunday! P.S The place isn't normally hyphenated but the filter wouldn't let it in
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                            Originally posted by swirlyarts View Post
                            P.S The place isn't normally hyphenated but the filter wouldn't let it in
                            I've only just realised the word it spells unhyphenated!! Nearly choked on my crackers!!

                            Sending loads of vibes Swirly - I hope you do really well!!


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                              So good to hear everyone doing so well at the monent and long may it continue - i did a fair on saturday and lifted £103 and the table cost £20 and i have another one on thursday night, this time the table costs £7.50!!
                              while i knit i think