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Coventry Craft Fair yesterday

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  • Coventry Craft Fair yesterday

    Thanks to Silvercatdesign for organising this and thanks to her OH who spent the day outside, dressed in a Santa suit handing out flyers! As he's quite slim he had to have a false tummy and it kept slipping......he really worked hard. And his little helper did too.

    And thanks to her mum too, and the various members of her family - I couldn't quite get them all sorted out in my head, but there were a number of really nice girls who were extremely helpful ( sisters? Cousins? Friends? I dunno!)

    There was a lovely range of crafts there, and the venue was central to Coventry. The hall was spacious, well-lit and warm, and I certainly didn't feel crowded or jammed in a corner! Handy cafe, too.

    There was plenty of traffic in the morning - some were simply PPP's, which you seem to get everywhere - but some did buy.

    Then the weather closed in and it began to rain in earnest after lunchtime. I popped out to see what the town was like and at 2.30 it was virtually empty: people had simply either gone home, or hadn't come out because of the weather. That's something that's in the lap of the gods, of course.

    We didn't make our table money back, nor our parking charges ( £9.00 - sheesh, thanks Coventry City Council!) nor our fuel - it was about an 80 mile round trip for us.

    We also got lost in the city centre itself whilst driving to the fair. The council in its wisdom has allowed the building of what looks to be a new monstrous Ikea store slap bang in the middle, and the closed roads, coned roads, dead-ends, construction workers wambling about in the middle of the road, plant moving about at what appeared to be ridiculous speeds all conspired to get me really confused! Directions from a kindly passer-by put me right. I just wish the AA, where I got my route from, had thought to mention that the road I wanted (Greyfriars Lane) was actually cut in two by the construction work. I was of course in the wrong half!

    That said, I wouldn't have wanted to miss it.

    I think if the weather had been kinder, there would have been traffic in the afternoon too. The morning, though cold, was very brightly sunny and cheerful, and I think this had a lot to do with it.