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  • £5...sheesh....

    My sister & I did a craft event last night.

    I took £5 and my sister didn't even cover the cost of her table. We sat there watching all the other tables making sales faster than they could say profit, feeling well confused.

    I'm not used to not selling anything at all, neither is the sister. Even at the sabotaged Cheddar Fair we both took £50+.

    After packing up it all became clear. The sister & I were the only outsiders! Everyone else was from the village. It was like that League of Gentlemen tv prog....Local shop for local people!

    It also explains why absolutely no one spoke to us. Not one word.

    I know it was for charity, and thankfully the charity did well. But never again.....I had rushed around (as you do) like a loony, the sister came straight from a long day at work. And all for nothing. That is just far too demoralising.

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    Originally posted by Apple Tree Crafts View Post

    After packing up it all became clear. The sister & I were the only outsiders! Everyone else was from the village. It was like that League of Gentlemen tv prog....Local shop for local people!

    Did nobody touch the precious things??!!

    How rude of them to not even talk to you.
    Its their loss on many levels.

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      Thats awful!

      I was going to do a 'local' craft fair in a similar sort of town.... all close knit locals like the league of gentlemen too..... maybe I will give it a miss!

      Nah! I'll go stir 'em up!


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        I did a really awful one too last night.

        Barely covered my table cost. So frustrating as I've got loads of orders I could have been making at home ... not to mention spending some time with my son!!

        Am doing a christmas lights switch on today from 12 - 8:30 it BETTER be BETTER!!!
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          "This is a local craft fair for local people, we'll have no trouble here!"

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            I've done 2 craft fairs and never got my table money back on either of them! Decided not to do anymore after the school christmas fair I have booked next Friday!

            Last one I did was a village hall and think we was lucky if 60 came through the doors. We was told that it had been placed in the Leicester Mercury but my sister who gets the paper never saw it!

            Santa will be there at least, and the school has 100+ kids. They have to pre-book and pay for their santa grotto tickets otherwise they may not get to see him (its that busy)!!

            Anyway, I have decided to drop my prices on my christmas stock as I do not want to be left with it, so fingers crossed it goes!

            will let you know how it goes.

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              Ah Jules I feel for you. It is a very humiliating experience to sit there and have that happening all around you.
              I once sent out fliers to all the local schools asking for details of their fairs etc. I chose the areas carefully (they had to be the more lucrative areas). Unfortunatly my knowledge of the area wasn't very hot and I ended up being invited to one of the roughest schools yu can imagine.
              My prices are not high at all but people were walking past loud whispering to one another saying "god they are so deer!" I sold nothing at all and came home feeling very very dejected.
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                I've been giving this the once over in my head.

                I think it works like a huge clique.

                Villagers not only want to support locals, but feel obliged to. It wouldn't have mattered if someone really had wanted something from the sister or me, they felt obliged to buy 'village'. In order to keep in with this clique, they had to be seen to be buying the right stuff.

                It would soon get around that 'she bought outsiders stuff and that person could be, or feel, very ostracised (not spelt that right....) by people in the village that it just wouldn't do to antagonise.

                Ah well...such is life! Their loss, as Seahorse said.

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                  Agh !!!!! . "The Wicker Man Syndrome".

                  Did one last year like this drove for one and half hours in a strorm. Over hills and up the side of lochs that were threatning to burst their banks.

                  Nobody spoke to us apart from the girl who orginised it and that was just to tell me where my table was. Took no money didn't even get anybody to take a card.

                  And guess what ? The orginiser phoned two nights ago to ask if I was coming back. I think not..............

                  Cheers Janice.


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                    Perhaps you should have sold snow shakers too?
                    Local people like those.......

                    I actually worked (for a very short while) just down the road from where the League of Gentlemen was filmed. And, well, local is local!!

                    I used to live somewhere quite similar and we only were acknowledged by our neighbours the day we moved (after 6 years of living there). But what they didn't realise is that between our two families, we owned most of the businesses in the area. Just because we did not have the old family surnames then we were thought to be outsiders.....


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                      Booger!!! Definitely don't go there again.

                      At least your next one can't get any worse



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                        Strangest craft fair!

                        I just did the stangest craft fair ever....

                        My friend goes to this small gym,which is just one room and she noticed they were having a craft fair,so there i was setting up my table on one side of the room and these woman were doing all sorts of excercising on the other weird.

                        There was only 5 tables in total and it was very quiet,a wednesday night is not the best night for a craft fair but i managed to make £48,and best of all the table was free!!!

                        Not too bad for my second ever craft fair!!



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                          Well Done!

                          Maybe we should be targetting those with no energy to resist after a work out!

                          Well done Caroleanne!

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                            Opposite of the village clique

                            Hi there, you'll have to excuse me as I am new to "craftsforum" and new to any of this chat room stuff!!!
                            I just wanted to say that I did a craft fair the other day in my village and found that knowing everyone seemed to have the opposite effect. Most people I knew said Hi had a chat with me, told me how fantastic everything was and then did a runner without even looking at the prices!! I spent more time showing people to the toilets!!!
                            I don't know if they were embarrassed or what?

                            (Anyway, how was that for my first post?!!!!!!)


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                              Hi All, its my first time on the Craft Forum too, I didn't know such a thing existed! Anyway I did a craft fair a couple of weeks ago in a local commuity hall, very well hidden at the back of a sheltered housing complex. Only took £25 and bear in mind that people from other stalls bought £18 worth and the table cost me a tenner (for the NSPCC so thats fine) I think it wasn't well advertised, apparently it was on the local radio and the paper but I heard and saw nothing. Not even any of the old folks from the housing complex came for a cuppa and some cake, most disappointing really. Selina