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Christmas gift shooping evening at home anyone ever done one

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  • Christmas gift shooping evening at home anyone ever done one

    Im going to be doing one next week but i have no idea how its going to go or even if it will. Do i put on some food and drinks and as for flyers what should i put on them as im thick as anything when it comes to things like that?

    I got a few friends leaving some of there stuff here so we will have my cards, nappy cakes, towel cakes, soaps pictures, jewellery, james and some crochet items here. Im going to be doing it over a few days Wednesday 6 pm — 9pm Thursday 11.30am — 3pm and friday 11.30am - 2 pm and on the thursday evening i have told my friend who's getting married in 3 weeks time that's the only evening im doing this as to get her here and some friend of hers from work to have a bit of a party for her and she doesn't have a clue as she wont go out on a hen night as she thinks no one will go so that's why we are going to do it here am i mad or what

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    I've never done one myself but I think BBD (Beads by Design) is doing one and has done them in the past.



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      Be warned.... once you have done one people expect it every year and every year it gets bigger and bigger!
      I've just had this years. I hand out little fliers to everyone, stick posters in the local shops, on the lamp posts and advertise on my internet shops etc.
      I had a very good turn out. I serve coffee and tea, mince pies, rum trffels and shortbread, but inevitably people don't eat all of it and you wade through it for weeks and weeks!!
      I always have a charity box for donations for refreshments and a door prize (an excuse to get peoples addresses and emails).
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        I personally would not invite strangers to my house (although I live in a very unfriendly big city)

        I had a bit of a gathering about a month ago, just with people I knew, didn't do too badly out of it, I sold more than I would have done if I had just gone down the pub as normal, now they all email me if they have a birthday coming up and I got loads of orders for christmas, I s'pose there is only so much jewellery you can sell to your mates though right?

        I am having another on Friday night, with strangers, but at one of my colleagues houses, she was having a makeup party thing and invited me along with my jewellery, so I get to sell to strangers without inviting them to my flat!


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          My daughter did one a few weeks ago, but we just invited family and as many friends as we could fit in. I was in charge of mince pies and mulled wine, and she put on the sales thing!

          As well as selling her cards, she had loads of bits and bobs on hand, and did a little card making demo, so people went away with something they'd made themselves too - I wasn't sure how it would be received but everyone loved it! Charis made loads of money too!


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            Thanks everyone

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