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Possible Fair at a major tourist attraction, Midlands

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  • Possible Fair at a major tourist attraction, Midlands

    At the fair I was at today, a lady with another stall told me that she had heard of a fair or fairs to be held at a major tourist attraction in the West Midlands. I don't want to say the name in case it all falls through.

    I called in at the place on my way home and spoke to the lady there about it: she said that she was hoping to arrange one charity Fair to coincide with an event at the site.

    I advised her to come along to this site and in particular this forum, to put out some feelers and to get some advice. I hope I did right!

    I've just sent her an email with some thoughts I had as a stallholder ( like try not to include 'gifts'!) but I thought you good peeps on here, especially those of you who organize fairs yourselves, might be able to help her.

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    I might be interested if they are Stoke-on-Trent area


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      It's the Dudley/Wolverhampton area. It may not even come off: I advised her to try out the forum to see what interest she got.


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        Dudley Canal Trust

        Hi, there I am the lady Primmers is talking about. My name is Laura Vickers and I am organising a fundraising legging challenge at Dudley Canal Trust (back of the Black Country Museum) off the Birmingham New Road. The day will consist of sponsored teams legging in and out of the tunnels as well as boats tripping to the Birmingham Main Line in exchange for donations.

        The event is to raise money for Acorns childrens charity. There will be portaloos based on the carpark and a catering van down on the towpath open for people to buy food. There is also a small shop where boats are booked selling simple canalware items. The gates leading from the museum will allow people who are attending the Santa tours in the museum to make their way down, however public from the Dudley Canal Trust entrance will have to pay to enter the museum.

        The number of people in an estimate would probably be around 60 involved in the actual legging. A few hundred potentially filtering down from the museum. It is hoped there will be other public making their way especially for the legging event from the Dudley Canal Trust entrance but this is speculative. The event has never been run before and although it has already recieved a small article in the Express and Star the true reaction of the public will be hard to measure prior to the event. I warn you numbers and spending wise it could be hit and miss.

        In terms of parking I will be grateful if people could limit car use to keep space for the legging teams, but cars are welcome to stay in the car park throughout the venue, though be warned they may have to be placed towards the back to leave space for any disabled and members of public. It also must be added although there is a camera in operation and the car park is gated it is not 100% secure.

        In terms of items on the stalls, I would prefer hand made crafts as these will be in keeping with the olde-style and historical nature of the event. Stalls though will benefit potentially from supplying cheaper items, as the public will also be encouraged to be donating as well so may have tighter wallets.

        Definately the more variation in stalls the better. The actual location of the stall will depend on if a live band is secured to play music it could well be a cornered off area in the car park, or a length of the towpath. Stall length will have to be limited to 8-12 feet with the width also being conservative especially if they are located on the towpath. If the stalls are on the towpath then really no more five stalls.

        Rent space is free as long as any money made has a percentage donating to Acorns, perhaps fifteen percent would be appropriate although guidance on this is welcome.

        Publicity before the event is currently a few features in the Daily Mail and Express and Star along with features on the event calendar on the BRMB website and Birmingham City Council website. If any stalls are featured then this info will be passed onto the press to allow publication of the stalls presence. Flyers will also be distributed to public entering the museum on the day although being two weeks away there may not be a massive poster distribution as availability of volunteers is limited.

        In terms of table availability if stall owners can bring their own this will be a massive help as we have none ourselves. The venue is also outdoors so weather dependant may require coverings also if you have them.

        The event is between 10:00am and 4:00pm although setting up may be before then from 9:00am, however this depends on the final number of teams that register and will become more solid nearer the time. The towpath has lighting which will be put on to make it look 'Christmassy'.

        This is all the info I have at present should anyone have any ideas of help, or even wish to offer a stall I would be very grateful. It must be remebered though this is a non-profit event for Dudley Canal Trust and has not been done before so we are pretty much going in blind, I cant guarantee great succes but do think it has the potential to be a fantastic event.

        Thanks for reading



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          Sorry if I have missed this in your last post Laura, but what date is the event?
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            Sorry I think I actually missed the date off. Its Saturday 1st December


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              Laura, that would have been brill for me living in Wolverhampton but I'm doing another fair that day. Keep me informed though should you have any more charity events going ahead. Good luck with this one though.





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                hi laura,
                i also would have liked to have come, but am booked in for a fair in birmingham that day...perhaps you could keep us informed of other events you may hold!

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                  Argh bloody Councils

                  Im ever so sorry but unfortunately after much debate with the board at Dudley Canal Trust and Dudley Council I can only have stalls for tomorrow's event with their own public liability insurance. Apparently our insurance doesn't cover other traders, which to be honest I find very hard to believe.

                  Anyway thank you for your responses if any of you can make it and have insurance, your welcome to come along, I am expecting 11 teams, plus visitors from the Black Country Museum's Santa hunts as well as spectators for the leg it challenge and the press. So if the weather holds up it should hopefully be a good day.

                  I will be considering another event much bigger later on, however, for this I will make a note to look into event insurance to hopefully cover stalls as well. I will keep you updated and good luck everyone.

                  Laura Vickers