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Anyone interested in booking a stall in Bucks?

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  • Anyone interested in booking a stall in Bucks?

    Hi there

    I'm the learning officer at Wycombe Museum in Bucks. Next year we will be having a Tudor event (28 June) and I'm really keen to have handmade craft on sale on the same day. The craft doesn't have to be Tudor.

    Having never done this before I'd like to know if people out there would be interested in booking a space? The museum isn't a profit motivated organisation so we would only charge a small fee per stall to cover our costs. If anyone would be interested please get in touch with me to discuss the finer details.

    We normally have a big event like this every year (minus stalls) and it draws about 500-600 people on the day. Hopefully that will help you decide if it it is worth the journey.

    Any advice will be gratefully received as I'd like to know what stall holders expect so that the day goes well for them.
    Thanks Claire