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Doing outside fair (under large gazebo) help and advice needed!

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  • Doing outside fair (under large gazebo) help and advice needed!

    Hi all

    I'm new to craft forum, but have been looking at all your helpful messages for a while and wonder whether any of you have some advice for me.

    I'm doing a craft/xmas fair this weekend at a National Trust property and have been given a pitch under a "large gazebo". Being naive I didn't think about the English weather in mid-November, but having just done a fair this weekend, in a covered barn (by a very draughty door), I'm a bit worried about how I'm going to stop my pictures from blowing away, and what will happen to them if it pours down with rain!!! Some are framed, but some are on canvas or mounted....

    Do any of you have any handy hints on how to secure things/stop them getting wet - and if so where can you buy such props from at such short notice?


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    I don't know how big your paintings are: I sell cards which are small. I display some on plate-stands, and in the summer I found I had to tape the stands down to the tablecloth and then the cards to the stands!
    Could you use this idea with something more robust?

    And perhaps a large sheet of clear polythene in case it rains - I've seen goods covered up in this way before now in rainy weather. The customers can still see the goods, but the goods stay dry.


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      Thanks Primmers

      I've been out to my local hardware shop today and bought tape, velcro, a clear sheet and spring clamps - fingers crossed I won't need them, because if I do, I guess there won't be many potential customers about (not that there will necessarily be anyway!)