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  • My First Craft Fair

    argh....i have my first craft fair in 2 weeks, although its not a massive one and i will be the only card seller there, i am still very nervous. Does anyone have any tips and hints on the best way to deisplay the table...
    i have a few ideas but im not sure what is expected these days.

    I used to visit a few when i was much younger as my mum used to do dried flowers so i would go to wedding fair and christmas fairs with her...but thats years ago...could do with knowing if much has changed...

    sorry to babble on!!??!!


    Rach x
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    From my experience of craft fairs, I'd advise you to keep cards which will be at the front of the table, sealed in their cello bags. People and especially children, have a habit of picking up and examining the cards with sticky, grubby fingers! Keep your most expensive cards at the back, closest to you.

    Do you have display stands? They are good for stacking your cards and making each design visible, without taking up too much room on the table.

    Hope you have a good day and enjoy it.



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      I don't do cards but I have seen quite a few people who do. Some people have stands that the cards slot into to stand them upright. However I have also seen a lot of people standing the cards up in baskets sort of a stacked side by side if you know what I mean.

      Hope that helps.



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        Craft fairs - table presentation

        Good luck with the fair!

        It's hard to know what to tell you about the table. I dress mine with white sheets ( well-ironed and spotless!) and make sure they're level and 'boxed' at the corners - no trailing ends - and display cards both flat on the table and also in baskets.

        They do, however, get into a mess with folks picking up, putting down, and rude-wording off ( the dreaded three P's) so I have ordered some card-stands from eBay. I chose to have the cheaper ones - I think they were £9.00 for two, and on a BOGOF too, so I'll have four. They're seconds, and 'may be marked' - well that's OK, I have tons of paper and they can always be covered!

        At my last craft fair, which was quite a big one with 40 stalls, I did sell more than I ever have, but still didn't make my table-rental back. There were 6 or 7 other cardmakers there, and while we all had different designs, and my prices were comparable to theirs, I don't think any of us did especially well because there was too much competition.

        What did do well - and the jewellery-makers amongst you will shudder - was hand-made jewellery made of plastic beads and priced accordingly. I couldn't believe some of the horrible earrings and pendants that were going, all great globs of orange and pink plastic. She also had a lot of bought-in, Far East stuff. But she did do well.

        I think you've done well to get a fair where you're the only card-maker - I have one on 17th November where there is only me and another card-stall in a big fair so I have hopes - so maybe you'll do well.

        I try and get an open and fresh look to the table, and decorate - as these are Christmas fairs - with pinecones.

        I'd display your prices clearly too. I did, and was still asked! So one evening this week I spent putting little dots on the cellos, with the price actually on there.

        Print yourself a few business cards too, and see if that generates any orders. I put mine in a little basket at the front of the stall, and folks did pick them up - but I've had no orders yet!

        I've only ever had one rude person, and that was at a carboot sale this summer. She remarked to her friend that the cards I had were hideous, in a very loud voice, and it mortified my daughter who was with me. So I followed this lady and when we were out of earshot I asked if she'd actually bought that lipstick she was wearing......but that's only one person amongst a lot of others.


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          It seems that people attending craft fairs love a bargain. Maybe you could have a basket marked 'sale' with some cards in that you are prepared to sell for a bit less, or marked up with some sort of offer...3 for 2 for example. That will attract the buyers and they will also look at your other items too.

          Try and place similar things together, in terms of cards, all the xmas cards together, bithdays etc.

          Primmers - I went to the Pelsall fair but wasn't sure which one was you, as you say there were lots of card makers! I must say I wasn't impressed with it this year - prodominantly bought in goos fro what I saw, especially the jewellery - i didn't notice any hand made jewellery, looked all bought in to me? It's a shame as I've always enjoyed going to that craft fair, and it used to be mostly hand made. Where are you on 17th?

          Good luck to you all!
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            Pelsall craft fair - Katianne

            I didn't see you either!! Were you there as a customer or a table-holder?

            I did have a mooch around but didn't see any mosaics.

            My daughter and I were in the room that is at the front of the building ( the Station Rd end) in the corner. We had our backs to the windows.There was a jewellery lady next to us, at right angles - she had the whole of that short wall - and a hand-made ( well, perhaps) soaps and toiletries next to us. I noted some of her stuff was bought-in as it still had barcode stickers etc on.

            Next to her was a mother-and-daughter table of cards ( and very pretty too).

            And after that came the cakes!!!!!!

            I'm middle-aged, short, with hair in a bun - usually coming out of it, really - and generally look like an unmade bed. My usual gear is tee-shirt, jeans and a gilet: I'm too old to give two hoots about grooming. My daugher is a big girl with dark hair tied back in a long ponytail: she is exceptionally pretty. Dunno where she got that from. She had a good mooch about too: she walks with a stick (injured hip from riding accident two years ago: still not right).

            Opposite us was a woodturner? And a little lady who had made beautiful Christmas decorations. You may remember that one: she had them displayed on one of these chromed wire Christmas trees - with curling 'branches': they effectively are brackets on which to hang baubles - and they looked very lovely. They were hand-made - truly hand-made - felt hearts, beautifully embroidered and sequinned and beaded.