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  • Electricity

    As you may know I've got a 4 day fair coming up and I've got an electricity connection. What kind of lights should I be looking for to go onto my stall? I was also wondering if you could have a look at the pictures of my stall here and give me advice on how to build up height. I'd quite like some boards to stand up on both sides (just like yours Tip Top!) that I could pin cards to etc. Any advice would be gratefully received!

    The photo's are on my blog - direct link here.
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    I use 2 cork notice boards covered with material and hinged together and then pin a selection of my jewllery on with small map pins. It fits nicely on the table and with them being hinged together gives it some stability

    My friend who makes cards and exhibits with me displays her cards on a tabletop Christmas tree card holder (from Next - which is normally used at home to hold Christmas cards we receive). Maybe you could utilise an Christmas card holder who have?!

    You could also use shoe boxes or similar under your table cloth to add some height?!

    I have changed my display at each of the fairs I have attended as I am never happy how it looks. One day I will get it spot on

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      Yep, try boxes of differing heights. I'm lucky my husband has his own plastic company and he has made me some stands but he also made me a long box which I cover and use to keep bags and all the other bumph you need in. It is about the height of a shoe box on it's side but roughly 3ft long you could try putting a couple of shoe boxes along the back and you have somewhere to keep your bags etc.

      I use a couple of the little clip on spot lights from Ikea but at this time of year you could use fairy lights too.



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        My boards are MDF hinged together and then covered with a cloth (sewn like a pillow case).

        And then you can put fairy lights across the top and down the sides!!


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          My boards are pin boards covered in some cheap velvet I got off the internet.

          I made my heavy stand out of M.D.F and then covered it in the same material.

          Sorry about the lights cant help in the same posistion as you. Went to buy some the other day But the craft fair I'm going to insists their P.A.T tested first.

          So on a rethink just been to More store and the sell lights that work on batterys will maybe try them.

          Cheers Janice.
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            Hmmm - the fair I am going to is insisting on the lights being PAT tested too but only if they are more than a year old. I've got a couple of the spotlights from Ikea that I use for my light box so I might just take those along and see. I'll have a think (and a look round shops) for ideas of things for display.
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              I saw some clip-on spot type lights at Tesco, I think, for £6.49.

              I have just ordered some card-stands off eBay: they were two for £9.00, and BOGOF as well. If you PM me I'll give you the seller's name ( don't know if I'm allowed to say it on the forum).

              I'd wondered about boxes under the table covers: some people just used stout cardboard boxes and they were very effecive. Sometimes though the stands are so high you can't see the stall holder, who then appears to be lurking behind his table.