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  • Craft fairs + northwest.

    Hi there, I am a newbie on this lovely forum and was hoping to find out about craft fairs coming up in the next couple of weeks. I make bead jewellry and would really like to exhibit at some of the fairs. I have found the same problems discussed on other threads where lots of them are full and will not take on exhibitors at present. Can anyone offer any suggestions, Many thanks, Sarah

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    Whereabouts in the Northwest are you? There's one in Preston coming up - if you do a search on here for Preston then it will pop up. There are a few of us on here from the Northwest so if you keep popping back then we will let you know about any.
    Welcome to the forum by the way
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      Hello, thank you for responding to me. I am in Warrington so can easily get to Preston. I will have a look at see if anything comes up. Would really love do do a fayre. Thanks again, Sarah


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        ...keep your eyes open for ones in Crosby Civic hall too. It might be a bit more out of your way but I went there around this time last year and the stall holders seemed to be doing well.
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          Hi, I'm new too

          Hi everyone,
          I'm also a new member and am so glad I stumbled across this great site.
          I used to do craft fairs a few years ago, have recently been able to re-invent my crafting and would love to start again but have lost touch with events and how to find them.
          Also when I last did them, I attended some prettty dismal events and am keen to find some with more attendance and custom.
          I make lots of different items but my spe******m (sounds a bit grand) is memories on canvas, I create a lasting display on artist canvas from someone's photos, mementos, tickets and souveniers. They are themed and a lovely way to mark a special event.
          Does anyone have any tips for local fairs in North West, I cant find the Preston one.
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            The Preston craft fair - search for user Preston Private (see members list in the blue at the top of this screen) and look at his posts that he has done - you can then pm him for more details.

            If that does not work for you, let me know and I'll try and help (I'm booked on it!)


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              Thanks so much, I have PM'd, let's see if I recieve a reply.
              Hope so, it would be lovely to get going again for xmas, I have so many items sored up which I cannot stop making.
              I have a website shop but my advertising skills are appalling and I'm not attracting much traffic. Really only want to make enough to enable my currently rather expensive hobby.
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