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Tower Barzaar - University of Lincoln update

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  • Tower Barzaar - University of Lincoln update

    Thank you to all that attended the first 'Tower Barzaar' last Saturday. We had a very successful day considering it was the first event. For those who wish to partake in the next one, which is Saturday 4th February please can you let me know if you would like a stall. Just a re-cap on what the event is for those who missed the original thread.
    The 'Tower Barzaar' is a new Vintage and handmade event that i have helped organise at the Tower Bar, Engineshed, Lincoln. It is situated in the middle of Lincoln University campus, so as well as the student clientele we also have the public as it is near the town.
    Last saturday we had a steady footfall, the people that attended were happy to spend as well as great feedback. I for one am exhibiting at all of the events which will run every first Saturday of every month.
    If you feel that your products would suit this market please let me know, in particular we have space for Ceramics, jewellery and wood craft. No more cakes please as we already have a sugar artist.
    Dee x
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