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  • sunbatheintheshade

    hi, i am looking for craft/gift fairs in manchester/cheshire area that are coming up. I have my own website selling hand made greetings cards.
    and i am very new to this website so forgive me for sounding so 'new'...
    I have been working very hard to perfect my designs on sunbatheintheshade and i reckon i am now ready to do a craft fair!

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    Hello and to the forum! There are a few of us here who like a bit of card making so you are amongst friends! Join in when you can. I look forward to getting to know you.
    Anice xx
    Funkyhand x
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      If you do search for craft fairs north west either on here or on google - there are a few organisations that do craft fairs up here. One I think is called Carousel Crafts but they tend to do multi day events and seem to be booked up with cards....

      But there are usually churches or similar organisations that do events - try looking through the MEN listings on line for events or LEP (Lancashire Evening Post)

      This is what I did. Although I've only done the one Craft fair (last week)!!

      Good luck!


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        thanks, how did you get on?
        i am thinking of just organising one myself, it might be easier...ill post info if i have much luck.
        thanks again x
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          I did a lot better than I expected! But you don't know till you try!

          There are some useful threads about pricing and general advice about preparing for craft fairs that you'll find useful - I certainly did!

          Let me know if you organise one - and I'm sure there will be others interested too!


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            thanks...your all so helpful, ill let you know how i get on finding a venue?

            its all so exciting actually had my first real order last night...from someone that doesnt know me...woo hoo!
            Funky jewellery & Luxury handmade greetings cards


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              Its a great feeling! I know I've had quite a few orders recently from people I don't know - I do ask how they found me though!!