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Am I trying too hard? Preparation for craft show taking ages!

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  • Am I trying too hard? Preparation for craft show taking ages!

    Not sure if I am trying too hard or whether this much effort usually goes into doing a craft fair lol? I haven't done a big show for a long time and will be selling handmade cards so need loads of different verses all printed off and cut to size all ready to put into cards, organising balloons, decorations and things to put stock in on table, having t-shirts printed with company logo for staff to wear, having banner printed for table, organising which stock to take off my website to take to fair, organising promotional literature to hand out, actually making some more handmade cards to take to fair for every occasion, thinking of all the things I need to take to do demonstrations of card making at the fair, lighting - the list seems to go on forever and ever lol! How do you find all find the time to do them? I only booked it 2 weeks ago but now have less than a week to get organised and I am still looking for a tablecloth large enough to cover my space! I want it to look really professional and like I am used to doing this every day of the week - trying not to panic lol.
    Angela Devine

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    Perhaps try a local market and buy a length of fabric to cover the table rather than cloth.

    Cant help with anything else though, sorry.

    good luck

    If you dont have a go ................... you will never know


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      I did a couple of years using a fitted sheet as a table cover - cheap and easy to fit securely over the table and once it is in place it looks pretty good (hook the legs into the fitted corners and it holds it really tightly) or you can get some fabric lengths online in the colour of your choice - just allow enough time for delivery to make sure there isn't a major panic waiting for it to arrive!

      And yes, preparation does take me ages for a show - no matter how many I do there is still a last minute panic and rush getting everything together (it drives my hubby mad!)
      Ali x

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        Use a flat sheet... I have a sheet from a single bed that I use... it covers the table and all that you hide under it.



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          dont panic remember it is a craft fair and you have taken the time and effort to prepare all your items and have the right setting and layout but if you are all stressed that will show through. I am doing the Christmas Light switch on this thursday and faced a similar dilemma, had i made enough snowman soup? had i made enough male cards? i firmly believe that unless we are questioning ourselves then we are never completely happy to pack the things into boxes and head off to the show. Better to have sold everything and had a successful day rather than come home with items you wish you had sold but made too many of!

          Search charity shops in future for lengths of velvet or such like, mine is an old velvet curtain which I simply adorned to make it unique to me, my banners and networking cards i got from are veyr cheap often free just pay for postage and if you play your cards right you can get a free set about every 6 weeks and so build up a stock of business cards and fliers throughout the year in anticipation of the enthusiasm of your potential customers to have your card at the fair..............

          in any case, have a great day!, think positively, sell loads and be a happy craftylicious stallholder.

          Good luck and embossed hugs of positive energy.
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            Yes I was going to say sheet, length of fabric (the selveges/long edges are already nicely finished off and the short edges are usually trapped between yours and your neighbours stalls) but I can add Ikea's linen curtains. I've been using mine for years.