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  • help please

    Hi all i am doing my first craft fayre this sunday, and i am fairly organised but, i have made a some of tree decorations, in a couple of designs, and i havent a clue how much to charge for them!!

    any advice would be greatfully recieved

    I'M not old...I'm just delightfully retro!!

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    Add up the cost of materials, your wage for the time spent making it, pick a number out of the air to cover a fraction of the cost of the fair, the travel, the heat and light used in the one room you made the decoration in for the time it took to make, insurance, advertising, stuff you've forgotten to count.....and do you want to pay yourself for the time spent selling?

    Or have a peek at what other people are selling their decorations for. Why reinvent the wheel?

    Or take the cost of making and materials and times by 4. If that sounds saleable you are onto a winner. If it sounds too expensive, welcome to the club. You can make it x 2 but will come a cropper if a customer starts haggling or talks wholesale. Try x 3.......?


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      thanks AnnieAnna, the figure i keep coming up with is £4.50 each, but that seems a lot...would you buy them at that price? (figurativly speaking of course)...i cant help thinking people wont.
      I'M not old...I'm just delightfully retro!!


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        If I was a banker shopping in Harrods.... yes.......if I was a little white haired old grandma not drawing my pension yet but earning the minimum wage and surrounded by sons and husbands loosing, not having and or changing jobs left right and centre.......(which I am) ......I'd walk on by. I almost bought some for £2 at yesternight's craft fair....but I bought the chocolate truffles instead.......

        Somethings I ought to clear up - I only have one husband..... I ate the chocolates......and I'm a real sucker for children selling stuff. I feel they are being so good and helpful I need to encourage them so I buy whatever they are selling. This little girl was fab, getting me to taste everything first. I even bought a raffle ticket off her to win a gingerbread house.

        Back to the decorations. What to do?
        Sell them, get some money and be cleverer, simpler, quicker, or smaller on the next batch.
        Please cover your costs because you'd be being mean to yourself if you don't. Then think am I a business? If yes, you need to get cleverer, so make this a learning curve. If no, what the heck. You don't have to put a price on the happiness making them gave you.
        But on the other hand........spare a thought for us hand crafty rivals trying to make a living from our hand made goodies. If you sell them too cheap we might say horrible things about you behind your back and put you in the naughty corner with the bought in people .

        They are actually quite big aren't they? Unless that's a very small phone.........

        Oh! I forgot my other tactic. Sell them at the lower price but knock up something that costs you pennies and sell that at the same price and the two balance themselves out.
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          thanks Annie, great tactics too
          i will try to keep out of the naughty cupboard hehehe
          they are quite big, but i have just sat down and counted the cost for materials, not including my time and electric etc, but i could proberly sell them for now thinking about £2.50 each, would rather have the stock sold than sit there...and that would just cover costs and hopefully wont scare, little, more mature naturally highlighted ladies such as yourself....and i know i can put on the charm for selling, as i used to be is sales..

          Phew one hubby is more than enough in my opinion, and i would of ate the chocolates too!!

          thanks again

          Oh and beware of little girls selling chocolates....they know what they are doing
          I'M not old...I'm just delightfully retro!!


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            I've been so worried about your dilemma I did some industrial espionage for you at yesterday's fair. Smallish quickly made but pretty fabric heart decorations were going for £1 and some nice shabby chic wooden ones for £2. £2.50 sounds good....except never rule out the weird people. One lady bought a Peruvian doll to stick on top of her Xmas tree instead of a fairy. It cost £8! What was that all about?

            I've thought of another bit of psychology trickery I do. I sell pan pipes and I have rubbish stupidly little ones for £2, then nicer middle sized ones for £4 and really nice bigger ones for £6. The thinking goes they'll want the nice ones but see the price of the rubbish ones, try them, hear the difference and fork out for the nice ones.
            Does it work? Hmmmmm....I sell loads of the little rubbish things and occassionally a big't listen to me .

            But I was thinking would it be quick to knock up small snowball decorations to be your little things? Then customers would think snowballs, cheap but boring. I'll buy the bird. Or I'll get the bird and hang loads of these cheap snowballs around it.......


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              Another option is to start them at say £3.50 or £4 each and if you haven't sold any by the afternoon then lower the prices. If someone likes it but you feel is put off by the price offer them a discount for buying 2, or depending on how many you have you could do the old £4.50 each or 3 for £10 trick to encourage people to buy more in one hit.

              Personally I think they'd sell for £4.50 on folksy or etsy but for craft fairs like AnnieAnna says it really depends on the demographic of the customers.

              I really love the Robin by the way, the tail really finishes it off
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                I think £4.50 is reasonable. They are handmade and unique. I have on my tree a comination of inexpensive baubles and a few heirloom pieces some of which cost £5. I think youy have to sell it as an heirloom ornament that can be used year after year and eventually passed down.

                Good luck at the fair and nice needle felting!
                Nic x


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                  More spying at a lovely, packed with handmade stuff fair, yesterday.
                  More fabric hearts for £1, fabric and wooden snowmen for £2 but one stall had sort of shabby chic hearts for £4. She had a look for her whole stall. A style that was a bit different from the others. If there were levels of craftiness she was on the begining to get arty step. She wasn't a dabbler. She had a vision, a 'corporate look'. She was doing that bundle some together for a bit less trick. She'd got a set of hearts strung into a swag. She was across the room from me so I don't know whether she sold anything but she had lots of people looking.


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                    I'd pay £4.50 for them. especially as I was in a well known DIY store last week and they had horrible, tatty, mass produced decorations for around £4.50-£5.00 that looked like they'd fall apart if you picked them up!
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                      'nother fair. Lots of £1 and £2 decorations and a lovely stall selling angels and birds at £4 and £4.50.


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                        thanks everyone, i went to the fayre today(it was a two day event, but they only had one table left on sunday, which i took), anyway, alot of their stalls didnt look very fact i know at least two had talss of bought in things!....despite that there were people on some of the stalls making their own stuff while there...and looking at the prices in general, i have decided to split the difference and sell them for £3.50 each or two for £6....and they can mix and match the santa and robin if they want, there were two stalls selling hanging decorations for £2 each, but they were tiny in comparison to mine and they looked factory made...
                        Now the Angels...although they are on etsy for £7.50 i thought i would sell for £6 its for one day only

                        what do you recon?
                        I'M not old...I'm just delightfully retro!!




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                          Good luck tomorrow Kimmie!!!!!! Hope you have LOTS of fun and even more sales!!


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                            Thanks a little nervous hahaha how daft is that!
                            I'M not old...I'm just delightfully retro!!




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                              Good luck, and I think £3.50 each seems fair for a handmade item - I too am going to be using the trick tomorrow myself of bundling things together for a slight discount on the individual price. My cards will be £2 each or six for a tenner, with pretty envelopes included, so people will think that the six for ten pounds deal means they're getting something for free, but it's not costing me too much to do.