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Big Craft Fairs versus Little Craft Fairs - Essex

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  • Big Craft Fairs versus Little Craft Fairs - Essex

    Which is the way to go: the big craft and gift fairs or the little village hall type things? I am going to start selling my handmade cards and craft materials at Craft Fairs as a way of marketing my craft materials and handmade cards website and hopefully selling a few bits at the same time. I am going to look at it as purely a marketing exercise only and just wondered if I am cutting off my nose to spite my face if I give the little craft fairs a miss? Some of them local to Romford in Essex have been a bit grim when I have sussed them out with hardly anybody there and the stallholders making very limited effort and they just feel like the wrong place so I was going to try the Brentwood Centre in the hope that they usually have lots of footfall at their craft and gift fairs. I have a large banner that hubby printed for me at work and lots of promotional literature to hand out (it helps having a hubby that works as a printer lol) so I just wondered where you have more success big or little?

    Angela Devine

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    Hi, I tend to stick to the little local ones at around £10 a stall as its not much to lose if you don't sell anything. With the larger ones charging £250ish for 2 to 3 days and usually quite a way away with petrol costs its lots of money to make before you actually make a profit.

    I can imagine I would sell more at the larger ones but with the state of the economy at the moment I don't want to chance it as people just aren't spending, well that's what I've found anyway but maybe its just me. The trouble with many of the smaller ones is that take bought in goods which makes real crafts look expensive by comparison so there are probably good and bad points for both. Also the larger ones tend to advertise better I've found.

    Good luck with whatever you decide and let us know how you get on.


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      I agree the risk factor is too high at the present time for stands costing £50 to £100+ per day. So keep to more reasonably priced ones only. There will be fewer potential customers and they may not have as much to spend, but you should have more time to chat to potential customers and hopefully persuade them to either buy an item or add extra items.

      You will also find the smaller ones useful as part of the leaning curve in running a stall. It is easier to make a mistake at a small show and learn from it, than make it at an expensive one and you end up loosing money.

      If you have a look at some of my previous threads you will see this similar theme occuring from a sellers point of view. One expensive one was a massive disaster due to rain and another budget priced one was brilliant.



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        I have thought about the Brentwood fair but couldn't justfy the cost of the stall. I do think though it would be great for me but its just such a big outlay, with product, travel (although only 15 mins down the road) and the cost of the stall.... I have looked at sharing a stall but haven't found anyone suitable (makes me sound like an ogre!) if that makes sense.

        I would like to find 'decent' fairs in Essex, i'm not sure that they really happen!