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Definative list for a craft fair!

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  • Definative list for a craft fair!

    Right I'm looking for the combined expertise of everyone on here. As you may know (!) I have my first craft fair on Sunday and I need a definative list of everything I will need!!

    I have tablecloth, cash, business cards, invoices, bags, stock, pen, stuff to make if it's quiet, flask, butties, and that's it so far. What else do you think I will need?
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    Notebook and pen (for all those orders!)
    Photos of previous/other work you could put on the table for people to browse through!!
    Scissors especially if you've got price tags on cut them off!!
    Cardigan/jumper (depending where your craft fair is it gets cold sitting in one place all day!!)

    And the most important..... sweeties!!!!!!
    Good luck..


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      will power!

      you'll need it to stop you going off and making purchases at everyone elses stall!
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        1) Sellotape - I always mean to put some in my box and always end up asking if anybody's got any.

        2) Thick skin - don't take it personally if people wander past without even looking

        3) Re-read my post from ages ago about the psychology of buyers. I did one on Saturday and everything I said in that post was borne out on Saturday!!

        4) A cold drink - can of some sort. After you've set up it's amazing just how thirsty you are. You can save your flask for later.
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          Don't forget your calculator - it's amazing how your mind goes blank trying to add prices with customers waiting.

          Also drawing pins to keep your tablecloth in place if it's a little too long, oh and blu-tak too...trying to think of all those things I always wish I'd taken
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            Thanks! I haven't actually organised the things I had on my list yet - they are on my to do list!!
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              Camera - we want to see photos!

              Also, its good for PR to take some photos of your stall.

              Good luck!!


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                Good call on the camera - I need to take an apron so that I can put my money in one pocket too. Good job I've got a very cute pink one!
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                  Originally posted by icecreamgirl View Post
                  Notebook and pen (for all those orders!)
                  ...Cardigan/jumper (depending where your craft fair is it gets cold sitting in one place all day!!) ..
                  Couldn't agree more - I take lots of layers, I've been to some fairs and been boiling and others are freezing!!

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                    in no particular order:
                    - business cards
                    - change
                    - lighting
                    - table cloth
                    - scissors
                    - pen and paper
                    - calculator
                    - food/drink
                    - wear comfortable clothing
                    - stapler
                    - extension lead
                    - receipt book (I have a till now)
                    - pins
                    - directions to go to the fair if not been before
                    - tel number of organiser for the day
                    - and all your stock!
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                      Securicar to take home your takings

                      Good luck with your first craft fair, can't wait to hear how it all goes! I have my first one next Saturday and I'm nowhere near ready yet...........arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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                        Hehehe!! I have a box that I've lobbed things in all week as I've thought of them, so I think I'm organised.

                        And I'm relying on my pockets to hold any money - if I sell anything!!

                        I have a calculator (usless at adding up unless using a spreadsheet!) and also a lot of blu-tack - so if you need some give me a shout!!

                        Sweets? Agghhhh! Not thought of that!!