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Xmas craft fair Derbyshire

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  • Xmas craft fair Derbyshire

    i am still looking for stall holders for my xmas fair im trying to organise on 27th november
    it runs 12-3pm
    tables are £6 each for a 6ft table
    Kilburn is a small village near Derby and has its own village hall, its qite big and has its own kitchen so tea/coffee on sale too, has heating and toilets
    does have passing traffic and a big residential area around the hall

    i dont want to have to cancel this event due to lack of stall holders as i want it to be a regular thing but struggling getting interested parties
    please email me on [email protected]

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    still looking for some stall holders for this fair


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      I'll go, that's a very reasonable price indeed and I've been told that tables are provided and there's parking too, so as I live nearby I will be attending.


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        looking forward to seeing you

        anyone else please emal me for details


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          Eek, I hope I'm not the only one going! :0


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            no its ok you are not the only one going

            although i wouldnt mind a few more)


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              Oh cool, I've been mentioning it on my Facebook (got a new page just for my art), and on Twitter and LinkedIn, and have a friend on FB hopefully coming along to see the stalls - I've even asked for more crafters on FB, but sadly no replied to that as yet. Still, there are what, three weeks to go?



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                oh thats briliant judy thank you

                could do with just afew more stall holders
                dont really need anymore jewellery though


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                  It's a shame some of my friends from Leicester can't make it, one of them does fantastic knitting! I'll ask her personally and see if she wants to spend the weekend at mine, she is disabled and in a lot of pain sometimes, though, hence why she can't do many occasions like this.



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                    still have some tables left for this fair

                    but sorry have enough jewellery makers

                    knitting items would be good


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                      Unfortunately my friend who does the knitting can't make it, but I have passed on your contact email for her to ask around.