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Organising a Craft Fair in Chester - Anyone Interested in a Stall?

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  • Organising a Craft Fair in Chester - Anyone Interested in a Stall?

    Hi there,

    I live in Chester and there is a complete lack of craft events here in recent years. I have decided to organise one and I am posting on this forum in order to gage interest for stalls, to see if it is worth doing.

    The event would most likely take place in late November, on a Saturday. I am currently considering hiring out a hall at a small church in Blacon which is just outside the City Centre, but am also looking for other suitable venues.

    I'd be looking for a variety of stalls featuring handmade items, and the fair would take place at a good time for targeting Christmas shoppers.

    If anyone would be interested in a stall at this fair, please reply to this thread. There will be a small fee for a stall, and tables and chairs would be provided, along with electricity. Parking is also available.

    Please get in touch =]

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    owww, sounds like a good idea. I have found that there is a lack in St Helens too.

    Unfortunately I would have to give it a miss, as I am just starting up getting my crafting stock up and running, but definately do one at a later time.


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      Hi I would be interested in your event. I make hand crafted silver jewellery. Please let me know if you manage to organise the event.


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        I thought I had replied but it doesn't seem to have shown up!
        I am definitely interested and will be happy to help you organise if help was needed!


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          Ignore me, I don't live near Chester, but my observations are:
          timing - spot on, people are starting to think of Christmas;
          venue - it sounds a bit out of the way. You'd have to go all out with your publicity and need the backing of some kind of community ( a charity, a church, a school) to bring in the customers. You'd do better if town centre shoppers could wander in, but town centre venues sometimes suffer from parking problems. Your stall holders need to be able to unload close to the front door and have free parking close by.


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            Not interested in having a stall as my makes are always taken by my family but interested in coming along so please post further details when you have it arranged and will see you there


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              Might be but I can't do Saturdays, any chance there'll be one on a Sunday?


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                Thanks for the replies guys. In response to the post about it being out of the way, there's a good reason for that. Chester's status as a historic city very popular with tourists means it's difficult to find a location suitable for this sort of event. There's the Guildhall who I'm in contact with at the moment, but it's a pricey venue. Besides that, there's no where else in the city that I can think of. Chester is a small but busy area and there is no parking right in the centre other than large car parks which wouldn't be outside the venue.

                If anyone can suggest any other venues that would be great, thanks.


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                  Also, I'll keep everyone that's replied posted. Mojo, Sunday might be doable. Once I find a venue I'll start arranging the details and such.


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                    Whats that place at the bottom of watergate street? opposite the custom house pub and next to a church? i went to a psychic reading there once....reckon it'd be perfect for this sort of thing!


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                      That's where I'm looking at, the Guildhall. Waiting for a quote!


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                        I'd be interested in this depending on dates, cost etc. Great idea, keep us posted!


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                          I did a fair at the Guildhall a couple of years ago on Rememberance Sunday and did not cover my table costs. I actually had a good day compared with some of the other stall holders. People did not seem to know we were there and hardly any people came in. I would much rather have a local church hall in a busy residential area, at least you have a chance of customers


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                            Yes if its not too late I would be interested in a stall, depending on the price and where it is, Blacon would be fine as I live not far from there.