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Craft fairs and potential business

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  • Craft fairs and potential business

    If you want to start selling your craft products and become a business don't just limit yourself to craft fairs. Start fundraising! Did you know there are over 160,000 registered charities in Britain, 35,000 schools and colleges (that’s a lot of PTAs) not to mention church groups, sports clubs and individuals who are all trying to raise funds for their worthy cause. And what’s more they are always looking for ways to fundraise or people to attend their events!

    Fundraising events are a cost effective method of promoting your business. Why? Well, what's exciting about fundraising events is that they are a massive market of different groups of people that your business wouldn't easily get to - charity groups, school PTA members and parents, mothers from the playgroup, church groups, sports clubs, league of friends, church groups, local hospices, special interest groups, women’s groups, Brownie and Cub packs to name a few.

    By attending a fundraising event you can raise the profile of your business locally, generate new customers, sales, leads and bookings.

    Good luck with your business!

    Are your details on our fundraisers directory?
    Visit!. Let school ptas, charities, clubs and fundraisers find out about your business. - connecting the right people!