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    This is a slightly odd situation but hopefully someone can give me some advise. My mother-in-law has offered to sell some clocks for me at a charity craft fair. The fair's in Shetland (and I live in Swindon) so I won't be able to attend the fair or visit the venue before hand and have to send everything up by post. The problem is I'm not sure what I should send.

    My plan is to send up a small selection of animal clocks and some Christmas clocks (which I haven't started making yet...). I'm going to do up some leaflets which show all the designs and explain how you can order your own custom made clock from the website (using a feature I haven't programmmed yet...). I think it's going to be quite an informal fair so no need for table cloths or banners. Can anyone think of anything else I need? I don't want to send too many clocks up in case they don't sell and I can't get them back until we visit in January. But then if the stall just has a few leaflets on noone's going to bother looking at it.

    Any suggestions welcome.

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    I would send a good selection of your best selling items and plenty of literature which can be given to people who are interested but not ready to buy there and then. It would be useful for you to try to find out if the fair has taken place before and how many visitors normally attend.

    I would recommend a table cloth on the table anyway as it will show off your items better and make up some laminated signs showing prices and other information which will attract visitors attention (they are cheap to make and not heavy to send). Also some printed forms to take orders should someone want something which isn't available on the day would be useful.

    Visitors are not able to buy what they can't see and if the buyers come out, you want to be able to relieve them of their money there and then so if you don't send much product there isn't anything for them to buy so you may be disappointed. If there is lots left over and you really do need it back before your next visit, I am sure it could be posted back to you (the reverse of how you are getting it there in the first place!)

    A really tough question to answer and I am not sure there is an answer! Good luck with whatever you decide to do!!
    Ali x

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      Thanks AliCat! Order forms are a good idea I'll definitely get some of those printed.