As the 3rd Contemporary Craft Shopping Experience on 4th December seems to becoming a bit of another forum get together - 12 forum members booked in at last count , I thought I'd see if there were any more out there who might like to join us!

Bookings have been flooding in over the past few weeks, but there is some space left, and I'd be especially interested in hearing from any artists, metalworkers, large or small scale sculptors or woodworkers (although not wood turning). We could also accommodate 1 more candle maker, clothing makers, hair accessories and homewares.

I'm afraid we're full for jewellery, cards, ceramics, glass, knitted goods (scarves, hats etc) and woodturning.

We have exhibitors coming from as far & wide as Wales, Devon & Yorkshire, but would love to fill the regional 'imbalance' with some from the East Midlands, or maybe the South East??

Please drop me a pm, or email on [email protected] for more information.