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  • feeling a little low

    Hey guys,

    I did a craft market in Brixton yesterday, and one in Clapham today, but they didn't really go very well I only just made back my stall cost for both of them (let alone the cost to make the goods), and had only a few customers. Are my things that bad?? Some people thought they were too cheap, but didn't want to buy them?!

    Just feeling a little low and discouraged. Any pick-me-ups greatly appreciated.
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    What do you make? Maybe things will pick up as we get closer to xmas. I was at market today as I was thinking of getting a regular pitch there and one of the stallholders I spoke to there who has been trading there for a long time said that she has really noticed how tough things have gotten and has started to question whether she stills wants a permanent pitch so I would say its got nothing to do with your products. However, sometimes people place more value on items that are more expensive so maybe put your prices up? Good luck, I hope business picks up for you


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      Sorry you've had such a lousy weekend. Your things are lovely, [and you have incredibly neat wrapped loops!] but I think the thing is that people just don't have much money at the moment, especially in the South East what with the cost of property and travel. Have you got any more fairs booked? [PS Your prices are fine]
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        Don't take it personally as the economy is pretty bad at the moment. I have had some really bad craft fairs and in fact at one took absolutely nothing. Hoping things will pick up as we get towards Christmas but I find things under £10 seem to go the best.


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          The school holidays have only just finished and also a lot of people will have just returned from holiday so I suspect many people are being careful with their pennies at the moment that's all

          Your items are lovely!



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            What about a gin and tonic .... Always picks me up! I'm new to all this so don't have much useful to advise but from what I'm reading it is quite quiet out there. I guess it mus be really hard not to take it personally when we have bad days, but as someone has already said Christmas is just round the corner and hopefully people will start to spend again!


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              I think as others have said, it's tough out there at the moment. It's natural to question your products, but I don't think you have anything to worry about in that respect. Sometimes its a case of picking your events too.

              Hope the next one is better for you.

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                Lucy your items are beautiful and so well made and you have a natural talent for design ( love the tea cosies!). As said times are hard,so chin up christmas will soon be upon us and im sure you will make killer sales then. A. large G &T does sound in order lol! xxx
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                  Your stuff is lovely! Crafts are difficult things to sell, people like to admire but not buy if they have other priorities for their money.
                  It is hard times, and as others have said, summer holidays have just finished and people will have just forked out for new school things.
                  Better luck next time. As it's nearing christmas, people will be more willing to fork out for pretty things in abit.
                  Im so sorry your confidence has been knocked, but it isn't your craft, don't worry, your things are wonderful. <3


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                    Your things are very nice indeed, so great hopes for the holiday buying season!

                    And in planning for that, one thing I have observed is that many people who are buying for co-workers or teachers or whoever, often want to buy something in a set and somewhat "packaged" ...for some reason, it appeals to a lot of holiday shoppers over here...well, in markets I have attended as vendor or shopper in my vicinity at least. SO, maybe you can put together a gift set of some sort, or "prepackage" an item. Just thinking out loud...


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                      Hi sweetie I do sympathise, I have posted here myself after yesterdays fiasco.. both hubby and me have looked at your lovely pieces and it definitely is nothing you are doing wrong!. Primark morons rule at the moment causing upset and discouragement, one day we will be appreciated for what we do and create, do not doubt yourself or your work - I packed away my pieces today and still could not find too much wrong with them and they are now safe in bubble wrap till Xmas - Have a massive Hug and rise above the doubt.... xxxx


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                        Sorry to hear you have had such a horrid weekend. However what I picked up from your message was the 'people thought they were too cheap' comment. Try putting your prices up a little and see if it makes a difference - sadly the 'Primarks' of this world have only added to the 'cheap means lower quality' mindset so this may actually put people off buying - they would rather spend a little more on an item they perceive as longer lasting than a small amount on something which may break. (Not saying that this is your products or quality at all - this is just what people read into cheap pricing!)

                        It is easy to think that reducing your prices will increase sales but often the opposite is true - push the 'handmade with love' aspect of your lovely products and be confident that they are worth paying a little more for than mass produced stuff. You will get some 'thats expensive...' type comments (you always have people who think they should pay pennies for everyone - usually found packing out the 99p shop every weekend!) but the more discerning customers will appreciate the work you have put in and won't mind stretching their budgets a little for something unique, even in these tough times.

                        Try lots of different fairs and if you can afford to carry on at your markets for a while, do so - it can take a few visits to become 'known' and the sales should follow. I am sure you are pushing your website information at the fairs and often sales will follow from visitors who picked up your card but weren't ready to buy at the time.

                        Good luck and keep your head held high!
                        Ali x

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                          This is really obvious (after a year or two of doing any market or fair that presented itself) but I find I do really well if the footfallers/visitors/customers are richish and pants if they are living hand to mouth/on benefits.

                          So Michelle - I'd say check out your market first. Is it chockers and how are the customers dressed and what's in their shopping bags? And Lucy check out the look (or price) of houses around your fairs.

                          The other bit in the mix is what are they expecting. If they go to the market to stock up on cheap fruit don't expect them to buy fairly priced crafts. If they go to a craft market, however, I'd expect them to spend their money on something.

                          Lucy - I don't know if this would lift your spirits a bit but look out for fairs run for/by charities. If it's rubbish your table money has helped the charity, so that's wonderfully good and gives you a glow, and the customers can get into an 'it's all for charity' mindset and loosen their purses a bit. It can be win win.


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                            lots of good advice above.
                            Following Cosmics tip I do wonder whether a review of who the customers are is useful.
                            During tough times many people stop buying for themselves but still 'have to' buy gifts for others, so perhaps tapping into this area would help - either as suggested with gift packaging or some items made specifically.
                            I do think that the others who are still buying are those for whom times are not so tough - no chance of being made redundant and a mortgage which has come down considerably. These peeps are currently better off, despite food and fuel rises and still have money to spend. I do believe that these customers look to the higher end and maybe some of your items (rather alarmingly) may be perceived as too cheap.
                            I would spend some time pondering about who exactly my customer is!!
                            PS your work is fab



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                              thank you everyone. you have made me feel so much better, and given me lots of little things to think about. I really hope that the economy picks up soon, and that the run up to christmas will do me some good. And I hope that everyone else does well too, as feeling discouraged is very rubbish. I will try your idea of gift sets. I suspect I will think about pricing - perhaps keep some at the lower end, and move some towards the higher end, depending on how much work has gone into them.

                              Thanks again. Hugs everyone
                              Lucy Moseley Moseley's Giftware
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