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Christmas Craft Fair at Elevdon Farm Esates Suffolk,

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  • Christmas Craft Fair at Elevdon Farm Esates Suffolk,

    I have a meeting next week to arrange a Christmas craft fair at the Elvedon Farm Estate in Elvedon Suffolk/Norfolk, nr to Brandon/Thetford, This place is on the edge of a very busy main road, and gets lots of visitors, and the publicity will be excellent. The Estate often runs events, and they do get a lot of people going through the doors.

    They are after local craft produce as well for their shops they have on the estate.

    If you are interested in attending a craft show there, Please let me contact me so that I can go to the meeting next week with an idea of how many would attend, and what sort of crafts you would be selling.

    This place does get busy, and would boost your home business. Center parcs is just down the road as well, so we might get the trade from there as well.

    Either put a reply on here or email me please [email protected]
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    You have 24 hours to get your names in if you want to take part in the Christmas craft fair.
    I will let everyone know who has already shown an interest the details Wednesday Afternoon.
    I will also put the details on here and give a time frame for the last minute people that want a table or two.


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      Elvedon Craft Fair

      I've stopped at Elvedon once or twice when business took me into East Anglia.
      If I remember rightly it's an attractive spot set in woodlands.

      The last time I was there there was a chicken/poultry sale, and a very nice old gentleman tried to sell me a chicken... alive, alive-o. Hmmm. what precisely I was supposed to with it was beyond me, but I had yo give him full marks for trying!


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        Just got back from my meeting, she is going to have a word with her retail manager regarding fair, and will come back to me in a few days with dates and costs,
        But she is also interested in doing workshops where she will pay you to come in for a couple of hours and show other how to make jewelry, if you interested,
        She also stated a big interest in locally made items for the retail side of elveden estates
        If you are interested in doing a workshop, please contact me,
        Will let you know details of a fare as soon as she comes back to me.