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    Could I get some feedback from members concerning credit card payments please. Is there (generally) a demand to accept credit card payments at craft fairs? If so, is it, from experience, a good idea to sign up for one of these machines? Any feedback would be gratefully received. Thanks. Mal

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    Just click here and follow the thread....
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      I take credit cards and find the facility invaluable. At two recent shows, half my takings were on credit card and I know that a good proportion of these wouldn't have turned into sales without the facility as the customers were umming and ahhing trying to work out what cash they had left - as soon as I told them I take cards, the number of items being purchased went up and up!

      Obviously each craft stall is different (as is each fair - today, for example, I only took one payment by card) and you would need to think about how much you would be paying out in charges, rental & fees versus how much you will gain. If you have been doing fairs already, you should have an idea of how many times you have been asked if you take cards - if you haven't, then it may be worth holding back for a while to test the water first.
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        Thanks very much for the link. Very helpful.


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          I organise markets in Nottingham and can say that traders with card taking facilities are reporting that they are making more sales.
          I think a lot depends on the location of the markets - the more affluent an area the less likely people seem to be carrying cash.
          As an organiser the ability to take card payments is not one of my criteria for accepting traders but i am always pleased to see when a trader does.