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North Shields Monthly Indoor Craft Fair - North East England

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  • theitchywitch
    Hi there,

    I am crafter based in Wallsend, but I don't use facebook. Can I have some details please?

    Many thanks!


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  • vcrdesigns
    Hi I am sorry for not responding sooner. Heck its been five months!! Helen and Sean are still running their craft fairs over on facebook - after the normal facebook address put /indoorcraftfairmain

    If you find "Tynemouth Collectables" on facebook and message me we can chat and you can ask any questions you have about starting out, unless of course you are now a pro in which case... erm sorry! lol!

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  • littlebirdladybird

    I know it is a year since you sent this mail, so I am hoping you are still registered?

    I really like the sound of this craft fair, and was wondering if you could send me some info, I am just starting out with craft fairs and just need a bit of help, and which direction to go in.

    Kindest Regards

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  • North Shields Monthly Indoor Craft Fair - North East England

    Hi Everybody,

    Thought I would put up info about this new Craft Fair which runs on the last Sunday of every month along North Shields Fish Quays! I've had a jewellery stall every month since it's started and have seen the fair grow and grow.

    It is organised by Helen and Sean who own Puddytigger which is a shop in Green Ginger Shopping Arcade in Tynemouth. Puddytigger sells items handmade by local artists and crafts people, so the Craft Fair is almost an extension of this.

    I know that they still have places left for their upcoming fairs and that they are doing extra dates between now and Christmas.

    If you want to know more info, either message me here, or search for "Indoor Craft Fair" on Facebook.... I'm still too new to the forum, so I am unable to list a direct link :-)