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craft fairs near chichester?

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  • craft fairs near chichester?

    does anyone know of any craft fairs in the Chichester west sussex area where i can sell my jewellery?

    also do you know of a central website of all the craft fairs that are going on?

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    Hi Justine and welcome to the forum

    Sorry, can't help with any fairs in your area but for a central website try it doesn't list every craft fair but it's got to be the best one around

    Also have a look at Jule's site Apple Tree Crafts, link on the side somewhere >>>>>> as she organises craft fairs round your way (if my geography isn't completely way out ). Scrap that - obviously my geography is that bad!
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      Chichester Craft Event

      Saturday 17th May 2008 Arts & Crafts at Chequers Inn, 203 Oving Road, Chichester, West Sussex. PO19 7ER. 01243 786427.

      Friends of Chequers Arts & Crafts are promoting a permanent, full-time home to Arts & Crafts. The Chequers is an old pub on the edge of Chichester, along side the A27, with a new purpose! This Summer we offer FREE space to artists and craft makers to exhibit, display, sell, buy, network and socialize. Book your stall for one particular event or book for the Summer!!!

      The first event is this Saturday, with our star attraction pony rides with Magic the Pony.

      Next Sunday 25th May 2008 we have George's Regis Jazz Band.

      We are planning to encourage events every weekend, to have free space available for stalls in the beautiful garden area, and bric-a-brac stalls separately in the car park area.

      Licensed refreshments available.

      For free membership and up-dates email [email protected]


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        So what are you actually promoting?

        Hand made items by local crafts people or a pub?

        And you're piggybacking on an old thread......


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          Friends of Chequers Arts & Crafts - Chichester

          I have had a telling off this morning as I may have been spamming which was never my intention so apologies first. I have bought an old pub with the intention of doing away with the pub and creating an Arts & Crafts Centre. The place is finished as a pub, but it does still have a licence which means I can promote events with licensed refreshments. I intend to utilise the place during the day to host classes and exhibitions, and then have stalls at weekends, and during the evenings either be closed or if there is an exhibition do things like cheese and wine and buffets for private events.

          I see the refreshments on the theme of licensed tea rooms, with modern day healthy options, no chips!!!

          Sorry for any offence I may have caused by getting it wrong.


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            Well, I think chips should be an option!

            Just get to know us first! You should have said before of your intentions of converting the pub - introduce yourself properly and you'll be amazed how supportive people will be.

            Get to 25 posts and you can add links - so we can see pics of the pub and what you're trying to do with it!