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  • Help required for event organizing

    I have a question for experienced craft fair organizers:

    How do you deal with unreasonable / rude stallholders, who regardless of how nice & helpfull you are to them just want to cause trouble and arguements?

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    Take a deep breath, let them know you have listened to there problems/complaints and you will take their views on board. Smile nothing will upset them more if they are argumentative which unfortunately sems to be the norm for both crafters and organisers of late, everyone is so angry atm, just look at the roads and the drivers, shoppers barging past you in the street bumping into you with no apology, I put it down to pig ignorance that they have no manners.

    What is it they complained about, is it something you can help them with sometimes organisers have to bend over backwards. Jill and I had one, talk about difficult the number of changes we made to accommodate her but on some lines we were firm, funny thing was she was the most pro-active in marketing the event through her contacts and website, so some good came of it.


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      She keeps trying to tell me how to run the event and when I say something which she doesnt like, for example pointing out that she cannot sell soaps at the event if she hasnt got the relevant assesment in place first.

      She feels im being negative and generally against her even though Im happy with the products she is allready selling.

      as we have 10 stall we have 1 craft per stall except jewellery and there is 2 of them. she want to cross over into several crafts under 1 stall yet complains when other stall holders do the same.


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        You are the organiser, you set the criteria and sometimes you just have to be very firm, and quietly stand your ground. If anything goes wrong, she won't carry the can - you will.

        The ultimate sanction if she feels she can't commit to your standards and criteria is to just calmly tell her that you are unable to accept her and refund her cheque. If you find it difficult to say it to her face, write a short note and include the cheque in the envelope.

        No stallholder has the right to 'take over' the running of a fair, neither should they expect you to justify your terms and conditions (they are YOURS, end of argument).

        We have in the past had people trying to tell us that we 'ought' to accept them (because other organisers do) and we just politely reply that all organisers set their own conditions, these are ours, and unfortunately we're unable to offer them a stall.

        Be brave, stand firm, and here's to you!


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          You can't and don't function solely to keep one person happy and I get the impression that whatever you do, this person would not be happy with what was being offered and the rules she has to abide by, especially if they are the same rules which apply to everyone else..

          There are some people who, if you were to give them a gold ingot, would complain that it was too heavy...


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            Did she sign your terms and conditions for having a stall? not that they always read it but that is their problem. We had a T & C which clearly laid out no mixed media, stalls fully covered, no encroaching onto corridors or spaces between tables etc, which they all signed when returning their cheques, that way on the day we were able to put them straight, not that any tried to overstep the boundary. If you have a T & C and she has signed to agree to abide by them just send her a copy referring to the relevant parts and suggest that if she is not happy complying with the rules as other stallholders she not attend. I know it means you will be one stall down but she could cause so many problems just not worth it.


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              She sounds like a bully to me so stand your ground, smile but be very firm. Don't give an inch or she will be in looking for the mile. You can always replace her, there are 10 looking for craft fairs for every one that has a place. Just say "NO" very firmly. You don't need to go into lengthy explanations or debate the situation. You are the boss and you sound as if you have been more than polite to her. Tell her if she is not happy with the T&C then go elsewhere. She will cause you problems on the day you can count on it so get rid of her now.
              Sorry about the rant but I have suffered bullies before and they are not nice people.
              God helps them that help themselves.


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                Exactly Carol she is a bully, probably a sad person with nothing better to do with her time than bully others, most bullies are pathetic


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                  thanks for the advice all taken on board


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                    She sounds like a classic "armchair" organiser - one of those people who can do everything better themselves until they actually have to do it (I for one am an exceptional armchair parent!). In my more magnanimous moments I put those sort of people in the category of being somewhat insecure so have to put others down to feel good about themselves. But mostly they're just really annoying!
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                      I'm in the last stages of getting our first hand-made fair done (takes place on 9 July), and I've got my suspicions that one of our stallholders is going tio be a pain; she pretty much ignored the bit on our application form asking for certain things to be sent with the form (photos, SAE, public/product insurance cert etc), and has been a royal pain since. I'm going to let her trade as we've had real problems finding available traders with the insurance in place, but I will be ready for her on the day, and will brief my co-organiser about my concerns too, so we cn back each other up.

                      If you decide to let the person who's causing you a headache trade with your for this event, I'd suggest you get your thoughts in order before the event, so you have a ready answer to anything she throws at you. And if she's selling things you haven't given the OK to, ask her to remove them from her stall. I suspect that would quieten her down pretty quickly!!

                      Good luck for your event

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