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Looking for crafters in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire

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  • Looking for crafters in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire

    Hi all,
    Im trying to get 15 people intrested to start with to be able to open up a shop i already have a wedding inviation maker and a jewelry maker but want as many people as possible the shop will be in Alfreton,Derbyshire in The Lanes were there is already an art shop, hairdressers and computer shop so gets trade, For £10 a week you get your display area, buisness cards and your stuff put on our Face book page , all we ask in return is that you spread the word so that we can sell your work , is it something you would be intrested in,? Its only in the first stages at the mo but i already got people intrested and im doing it on a first come basis as i dont want to sell too many of the same thing if you get me,
    Anyway if anyone would be intrested message me and ill put your name down as i say still in the planning stages,All im asking is a 3 month starter contract to ensure we are giving your product enough time ,


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    Hi Leanne

    I hope your project goes well.

    I am currently in Mosaic, toton lane Near Bardills. They are charging £17 per calender month, with full use of the card machine away from site (if you are at a show you can ring it through), Fully staffed etc.

    I have been in there since they opened in november and I have only really made my stand fee back twice in 7 months.

    They advertise well locally and on facebook and the net at large and even run fairs every so often.

    Even so, I havent taken much and I know there are several other standholders that havent taken much. But some folks are doing really well.

    Its all a case of playing to your audience.

    Good luck hun.
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