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Help Needed - How to display large Canvas Paintings

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  • Help Needed - How to display large Canvas Paintings

    Hey everyone!

    I have my first craft stall on the 25th of June and was wondering if there are any artists on here that do fairs. I need to know how I can display 10-20 paintings, sizes from 10 x 10 inches to 18 x 18 inches.

    I've got a table packed with smaller paintings and other creations already but I really need to find a way to display my bigger ones!

    Help will be appreciated so much! I've been struggling for ages to think of something!


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    When I used to sell my canvases, I had two broom poles with cup hooks into two weighty pieces of oak. I then had fold up trelis hooked on between the two poles. I would then have the canvases hanging. Bit of wire needed sometimes. Only time it failed on my is when I did a fair in a field and the ground was too uneven. Hope this gives you some ideas


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      That's a good idea yeah thank you!


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        Trellis is good!

        Also look at Gridwall. I use it for smaller stuff and the occasional canvas. I have the 4' tall ones and clamp them to my table. You could buy the 6' ones and have them freestanding. It's pretty versatile and easy to use.

        If you're interested there are pics of it in use on my blog (there's a search button at the top RH corner of my blog - just type in Gridwall).

        It's available in quite a few places online.
        digital stamps for cardmakers:
        hand painted personalised plaques, clocks, canvases, etc:


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          Display boards will help make you look like a pro.
          It's how all the experienced artists show off their work. Carpet down in your space if you're in a marquee (which delineates your gallery floor space); hanging rods hooked up onto the boards. And away you go.

          Just click on display boards. Here in this shopping centre we've pics hanging both sides of these boards 'cos we encourage punters to walk all round viewing my work.

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            Great ideas, thanks.