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  • What is best New Paper or posters

    I always place adds in the news paper and as we all know this is costly But I always find I get more footfall from shop posters and posters up around the area on the day to such a point 98% came from shop posters and day posters But I always like to place in the newspaper more so the crafters can see that I am in fact doingmy best to get the foot fall But I offtern thing that money could be better spent if I am only geting 2% of the footfall
    So what do you do The only problem is posters is the time it takes to put them out but I feel that is time well spent.

    So the question is ...... is there any point in news paper adds? what do you think

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    I have the same quandry, after my event this saturday the majority of footfall came from local advertising with a small percentage from the newspapers etc.

    I think good stall holders will help to publicise the event as it is in their interest to make sure that the event is busy so they can make more sales on the day.

    How much is the news paper advertising over in clitheroe?

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      It is Joe Public you want to reach not other crafters and so I would have thought that posters in shops and so on would be the better way. I don't know how many people would lok in a newspaper local or otherwise to see what's on, more likely to go online and have a look nowadays. Unless you are spending a lot of money anyway the size of any ad in a paper is usually pretty sall anyway and easily missed.

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        Hi the price goes fro 25 to 75 up to 100 very much like anywhere ease The news paper in clitheroe is the same news paper that owns the bloton paper also. You know we are very near to each other we should get togher and se how we can help each other. The only way to get on in this world is by helping each other in business.


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          Yes a good point, You know the other day I walked into a local saturday market/fair run by a local group with no posters at all in the twon in fcat its only as know the group I knew it was on that I know to go there, but the place was dead I staed about a hour or so and they only got two people though the door I asked the person running the fair and she told me we place in the paper no need for posters. I dint say anything but I did feel for the crfaters and other stall holders


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            I think it depends on your local paper. My local free paper has a weekly feature 'what's on this week' which has both editorial and paid ads; I always turn to it when it arrives on a Thursday to see, as it says, 'what's on' at the weekend locally. I know a lot of people who do this to see what's on this weekend or next.

            Don't forget things like community noticeboards and the forthcoming events board/file at the library - these two means of advertising give an event a measure of credibility locally and cost little or nothing.