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    Hi All,

    I am organizing an event this weekend in Bolton, the stalls are fully booked & has been heavily papered so should (hopefully) draw a good crowd.

    My question is this:

    As an organizer or a stall holder at an event how do you feel about other event planners approaching stall holders during the event?

    Michael Wallwork

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    I think this does happen but think it would be common courtesy to approach the organiser first but they won't or don't. If it happens I would just take them to one side and explain that it is etiquette to ask the organiser if you can mention your events as you have not laid on the event for them to tout for stallholders, unless of course they would like to pay for a pitch.... where they can have a table to promote their event.


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      I found some of my best events by being approached by other organisers at craft fairs so I don't think you'll find many stall holders objecting. I can understand how it could put the organiser's nose out of joint mind you.
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        I think this is common in the craft fair market and unless they are trying to push fairs which clash with yours, I doubt it will give you much of a problem. It is common courtesy to introduce yourself to the organiser but if your show is busy, well organised and successful the stallholders are likely to stick with your fair anyway so you shouldn't lose out.

        I have been approached at almost every fair I have done and will only really seriously consider events which fit into my already busy calendar. If the show is busy at the time, the literature is stuffed into a bag and may (or may not) be looked at later but I won't spend much time speaking to someone trying to sell to me when I am trying to make my own sales. The only time you may have a backlash from stallholders is if they see more people trying to push their own fairs than they do customers.

        Good luck with your fair - if you are planning more with dates already in place, make sure your stallholders have all the details from you first (before they can be tempted elsewhere!)
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          And don't forget. You have the same options
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