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The big day has arived

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  • The big day has arived

    Well the day is now here, could not sleep so up at 4:30, cakes cooked, car packed and Jill sorted the table layout last night, excited and terrified all in one, we have done 5000 leaflet drop advertised everywhere we can think of, local radio are doing an announcement throughout the event so fingers crossed our first Artisan and Spa fair is a success.

    If anyone is in the vicinity of GU3 2DD, west of Guildford off the A31 would love to see you all, bbl to let you know how we all got on.

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    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Hope the sun shines and the good weather helps to drag the punters in, hopefully spending.


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      Very best of luck to you both
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        All the best, wishing you and all your stall holders much success!
        Terry xxx
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          Bet your venue's got a lavatory ~ all mod cons. Think of me here without one!

          Good luck.

          .Grenville Allen.
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            Please let me know how you get on at your craft fair. I live near where your craft fair is being held. What sort of items are sold there?

            Good luck and I hope it goes well for you!
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              Good luck with it,hope all goes



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                I hope you've had a great day at the fair, I'd love to pop in for a browse, but unfortunately your a bit too far south for me to just nip by

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                  Hope you had a wonderful day, I would love to have participated but too far for me to travel.


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                    How did it go?


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                      Hope it's gone well today. Look forward to reading your blog later!
                      Lisa x
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                        Well, we slogged our socks off all day long - up at the crack of dawn and still on our feet gone 4.00pm, despite the event ending at 2.00 pm. An incredible learning curve. Very low footfall - mainly, apparently stallholders and visitors felt, due to the location of the venue and not enough advertising. Poorly sign-posted (Parish Council responsibility) and too far away from passing traffic, etc. Helpful feedback if not always fair, but them's the breaks. We have been to enough events to be able to sit and criticise, but being on the other side is a whole new ball game.

                        On the advertising front we had advertised on appx 30 websites, put up posters locally and in some other villages in Surrey, dropped fliers through what felt like a million letter boxes, posted event details on our blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter and just about anything else we could find to advertise in. We got friends and families to promote both by placing posters in their area and adding information to their emails. I even got my SIL in New York to promote the event, just in case anyone was visiting at this particular time. We also hoped that stallholders would promote/advertise the event to customers/potential customers via their website/blog/newsletters, but as per another thread, very few did.

                        A very, very steep learning curve - but Grenville, we did have loos

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                          I attended this fair today.
                          As Jill said, low footfall. I liked the venue as I have been to jumble sales here, but as Jill mentioned just off the main road. They made the venue look very nice, with table clothes and flowers on the tables. The food served was very nice and well priced, I sampled the food and I heard people who did turn up praise the food too, well done to Caroline who always seemed busy in the kitchen. I did manage to mention the do on my blog but it was only the night before as blogger was down for a while before that. Upstairs was a pamper part where people could have massages which I thought was a great idea. All in all the fair was good and well organised apart from the poor footfall, which was a shame. As we are always saying, win some lose some. Even if 100 or 200 people had turned up would they have parted with their money, we'll never know. Well done to Jill and Caroline for your first event, Linda
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                            Originally posted by JKS View Post
                            ... A very, very steep learning curve - but Grenville, we did have loos

                            'Fraid it was all v amateurish @ our Playden Wkd. Shame. Pics hung too high and spread out without rhyme nor reason all over the place on the church columns. Craft bits (jewellery, cards, etc) dotted hither 'n' thither on planks across pews. Everything WI jam & Jerusalem.

                            So it was lucky I didn't risk the lack of WC on the Saturday and got on with some work instead.

                            Interestingly, Dora's do in the village hall on the Sun, where o' course I popped in to utilise their modern (as in 21st century with flush system) lavatory facilities, was just as bad and even more poorly attended, but that would've cost us 25 quid for the pleasure. Which, as Hazel rightly suspected, was a little dear for a new untried "event" in a local back-of-beyond hall. If you click here and skip to the parallel universe post @ the end you'll understand what I mean about this!

                            So, Jill & Caroline, you're not alone this wkd in your endeavours. Sounds like Auntie Bib (Liz) did alright @ St Mary's Plat though.

                            .Grenville Allen.
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                              Sorry it did not go off as well as wished/planned for but as you said a great learning curve. Best of luck next time.