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Advice on having a stand at a festival?

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  • Advice on having a stand at a festival?

    Tell me your wise words of advice everyone.

    I've been invited to exhibit at festival, 6500 expected festival goers, held in oxford, 4days, £350 inc camping and two adults allowed on the stand pass. Its the Wilderness Festival.

    What expectations should I have do you think? I clearly need to make back more than the £350, breaking even at about £600/700 I think. It would be good advertising, open to different catchment groups maybe.

    Do you steer clear of these events? Or do well at them, or just go fo fun?

    I only get a small pitch, 6ft by 4ft!! not a lot to work with I know. By the time I get my table in there, a clothes rail, utilise some height maybe. But its going to be tight!

    Any words of wisdom, things I should be asking?? etc etc???

    Thank you
    my folksy
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    Hi Krysia, can't be any practical help I'm afraid but I would have thought a lot of your products would go down well at a festival like that. As you say though you have to take an awful lot just to break even. Good luck, hope you get some good advice from the CF peeps.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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      Not done one myself but have a distant friend that does Glastonbury every year and she loves it. As well as the lovely crowds she makes good money. Says that the cheaper items sell very well (things no more than £10). She only takes things that can be worn (makes glass art - like me).
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        It's a lot of money Krysia so seriously think about it.
        I havent ever done a festival but i have done 2 events costing similar money, one in a massive shopping centre with big footfall and one with a big craft events team and at both i only just managed to scrape back the stall money.
        I had so much stock and was so sure i would do so well but each were 4 long tiring days and i wouldnt repeat them again. x
        Lisa x
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          I know its such a tough call.

          I kinda think at some point you have to go all out, but equally sitting here think about where one finds £350 after worrying about the £30 I just spend on Fantasty Film and wire!!! (next brainless scheme!)

          I have just spoken to the organisers a bit more so fairly sure of the demographic suiting my products, but will need to make my dresses up in larger sizes too (which tbh, i am working on currently)

          The size of the pitch worried me, but aparently its movable. I'm to bring a table and work with neighbours to 'create my space'...

          hmmm, anymore words of wisdom peeps.

          Lisa, I hear you totally!!! I'm still very tempted, but unsure about most things being a libra!!
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            It's difficult, isn't it? There are no guarantees, but I think sometimes you have to try things, and a nice sunny weekend could put the visitors in a buying mood. It would be useful if you knew people who have already done the festival and could give you an idea of how it was.
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              Yes thats true. I have been given a rough list of trades going to be in the same tent, but no name dropping. alas.

              Tbh, my heart is saying go goo!! Just think of the exposure! Apparently a couple of magazines have been invited by the organisers (Vogue etc), and if I don't break even, then I spent £350 going to a festival with hubby (could be worse for a mini break!)

              But equally I know how disapointed I will be coming back not even covering my fees.

              I know theres not a magic answer.

              hmmm (again!)
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                As an experienced stallholder at every type of show and event you can imagine, £350 sound a lot especially with so few punters expected. Shelling out that much puts a huge pressure on before you have even started. We did pay a lot more than that but we were well established and experience and when you are paying up to £500 or more you expect in the region 100,000 visitors or more so you are almost guaranteed some good sales. Regards Lozz


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                  I think that it's an expensive pitch for such a small size. Just my opinion but i would imagine that other traders have thought the same and that is why you have been 'invited' ...after all they still have spaces and the event's in August...

                  Most of the good 'bigger' events are booked up so early, ... we applied for shows before last christmas and on 3 occasions found out that we were too late to get in then !!

                  on the other hand if you do think that it's right for you don't listen to me , go for it , your instincts may well be right and you do very well.... it may be worth accepting their 'invitation' if they could offer you a bit more space for the fee they are asking. You could politely point out that you usually expect more space for that kind of money.. if they're still wanting traders now you may just get what you want.

                  Best of luck


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                    6500 over 4 days? Our survey said: Uh-oh! Too few for the price!
                    If you click on this you'll see that it's gonna be noisy & distracting. No good for us. Not enough people expected for the outlay either. We wouldn't even contemplate it.

                    But you could treat it as a mini-break with your hubby. If you like the sounds on offer, that is.

                    .Grenville Allen.
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                      Here's another forum:

                      Looks like they're in the same boat!
                      .Grenville Allen.
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                        Thanks guys, I'm doing a bit more digging....will tell all once I have found everything I need!

                        my folksy
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                          Yeah it does sound like a great deal of money, but if you don't go you will never know, like you said treat it as a weekend away and look at the exposure you will get, maybe future sales etc etc, go for it, you only live once!!
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                            hmmm ok, so grenville found anther lass who makes kiddies cloths too (very nice ones) so I think I am bowing out. 25 stands apparently under oneroof, that quite close competition really. Even seing that the kids clothes isn't necessarily my main line of product I think thats a bit too close to the mark.

                            my folksy
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                              I think that you need to decide if you will be more disappointed if you don't give it a go or if you did and it doesn't work for you. Can you afford to spend the money if you don't get it all back? I think it would be extremely unlikely to not sell anything over the four days so you are going to get some of your cost back but can you afford to lose any?

                              If you try it and it works then there is a whole new avenue opened up for you to try other festivals, if it doesn't work out for you then you know what to do next time. I have to say that for that money, I would be expecting a much bigger pitch (3m x 3m minimum). Where will you be located in relation to where all the 'action' is? If it is indoors, are you going to have enough passing trade if you are relying on people actually coming into the building (or is it in a thoroughfare through to the main areas?)

                              Good luck with your decision and I look forward to seeing what you decide to do...
                              Ali x

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