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  • Public and Product liability insurance

    Hiya, I intend to do some craft fairs this summer and need to sort liability insurance. Can anyone recommend any companies and a rough idea of how much it costs.

    Too many beads not enough time!!

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    Hi Westcountry Lass

    We've been using CMTIA for some time (Combined Market Traders Insurance Assoc) for many years. I think they're incredibly reasonable at £48 for claims up to £5,000,000. I have never had to claim from them, but their service is speedy and friendly. Their website is
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      Lesley beat me to it - I use CMTIA too and they do turn things around quickly and efficiently. Again, I haven't had to make a claim but they are underwritten by Zurich Insurance which is reassuring as they are obviously as well known and long established company.
      Ali x

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        I can recommend Ian Wallace as they offer insurance for crafters and it is tailored to your individual needs


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          I use GM Imber & Sons - their Craftinsure Starter package is £50 for both public and product liability cover

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            The National Market Traders Federation are good. Not as cheep as one of the other ones mentioned above but they have money saving deals on other insurances on offer which can level things out in that respect.

            I also support them because they have, for a long time now, represented traders interests at national / government level and thats a good thing in my opinion.


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              An incident that occured Garden Show at Stansted Park 09
              ...all the best oh excellent exhibitor

              ----- Original Message -----
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              Sent: Thursday, March 04, 2010 12:02 PM
              Subject: re: an incident that occured Garden Show at Stansted Park 09

              1) Do you remember any 'deep' dip in the ground in the aisle near your pitch
              2) Do you remember anyone tripping in a 'deep dip' on the Saturday (she didn't fall apparently.… just tripped)
              3) Do you remember any heavy duty black plastic on the flooring
              4) Do you consider the Garden Show carried out constant checks on the ground or flooring and made running repairs when necessary during the show (although this is not a carpet / matting issue — as her claim is about this 'deep dip', we would like to be assured that exhibitors are content with our care over any flooring / ground matters)
              Yes R
              5) Do you consider The Garden Show responded efficiently and rapidly when any concerns or issues were reported
              Yes R

              Strikes us that this woman is just trying it on. One should know the risks when walking about in a field!
              Just before Christmas, preparing for a fortnight stint in a shopping centre, I slipped on the ice and fractured my left elbow. Unfortunately it happened on our own garden path so I wasn't able to sue the shopping centre or the council as people were invariably doing all around us!
              That snow cost us a fair sum in b&b costs 'cos we were unable to drive home. Really we should sue the highways dept.!

              Grenville Allen
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                Alternatively, the majority of fairs will offer cover for the day at around £5, so if you are only trying out one or two fairs to see how it goes then it might be worth doing it that way first.
                Kind regards,




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                  Brilliant thanks for your suggestions, off for a look in a while :-)
                  Too many beads not enough time!!



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                    I use Ian Wallace craft insurance >


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                      Business Insurance

                      Hello West Country Lass,

                      You're doing the right thing getting your business insurance in place - you will find that more and more fairs are starting to ask for at least £1m public liability insurance before you can set up on-site.

                      If you have any queries or questions please feel free to send me a direct message.

                      Kind Regards



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                        Product & Public Liability Insurance

                        Thank you all for your suggestions here. After trying 2 I found my way to Ian Wallace who couldn't have been more helpful. He covers crafts sold in shops, not just restricted to Market Stalls which is perfect for me. Thanks, everyone.

                        Originally posted by InPedia UK View Post
                        I can recommend Ian Wallace as they offer insurance for crafters and it is tailored to your individual needs


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                          Hi Lesley
                          is this product insurance? It is very cheap.


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                            Originally posted by econner View Post
                            Hi Lesley
                            is this product insurance? It is very cheap.
                            The post is six years old!....I’d say she is sorted now.



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                              I was very thankful of this thread being bumped up - reminded me to change my insurer!
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