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  • nearly DID IT!!

    Hi all,well you know what they say about first instinct,well it's right.
    I nearly did a craft fair where i live.I thought oh great,glad i listened to my inner voice.
    I went along to it to see if I had missed something.First I must say the person did not put an add in our local paper,so how would anyone know it was on?
    I would say that for £25 for a 6ft table,it should have been done.
    Also not a sign any where.I went in and it was empty of customers.I ask one of the stall holders if they had been busy,she said no,and she was not very happy.
    I do not think there will be another one.
    I LOVE MY INNER VOICE.Saved £25 and a day.

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    Good Gal!

    Wish I had been that through with my research when I started out.

    How many stall holders were there? I bet the organiser made a pretty penny!

    This makes a great tip for newbies - do your research: visit the fairs before you book and pay out, it will give you a chance to ask other shoppers what they think too before you commit, just in case you need to diversify your product offering or visual merchandising.


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      Hi well it was not that big realy,16 stalls in all.but being local thought it might be ok for a go later,NO Way.