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New craft market in Bath???

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  • New craft market in Bath???

    Hi everyone,

    We are thinking of setting up a new craft market in the upstairs of a pub in the centre of Bath. It would run on a Friday afternoon 12-4, possibly more if there is lots of interest. It would be starting off in the next few weeks.

    As this is an initial start-up, stalls would initially be free. The pub would be adverrtising the market as much as possible.

    What I would firstly like to know is would anyone be interested?
    Secondly, what would you require to make this successful?

    This is not something we have done before so are open to suggestions.


    EDIT: to make title clearer that I'm looking for crafters, not craft fairs!
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    I edited the title of this to make it clear that I'm looking for crafters, rather than enquiring about any existing craft fairs. However this change isn't showing up in the list of topics - can anyone tell me how I make the edited title appear?


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      I'd be interested - I make kitsch and vintage style jewellery. My teacup and cupcake range is REALLY popular at the moment!!

      Advertising is a must - fliers/ a boards etc are vital (I've been to so many fairs where this hasn't happened and people don't know we're there!). A good mix of stalls is important too - not too many of one thing.

      I've got loads of ideas, I could go on all day haha! Anyway, I hope you'll consider me,

      Jenny :-)
      The Prettiest Things (you can find my stuff on facebook by searching this!)


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        Hello Jenny thank you for your reply we definitely plane to advertise the market around town but as you pointed out it is best to have a range of stalls I was wondering if you would happen to know any other stall holders who would be interested as at the moment the replies are mostly jewellers.


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          Hi Thomas, it sounds like a great idea especially in such a key location as Bath. i would be interested if I can get child care.


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            Hi Sally,
            Thanks for your reply. What kind of crafts do you sell?


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              Don't worry about it Thomas, All threads appear on "New Posts" anyway so it will be seen by everyone. I do hope you get this off the ground, it sounds like it could be a good venture.
              God helps them that help themselves.


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                Hello Thomas,

                I am interested in your idea in the pub. My mother and I make and sell jewellery made from natural materials sourced in Colombia. I can send you some pictures of our products if you like. I live close to Bath. I think advertising using social media is going to help a lot.

                Thank you



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                  Hello Thomas

                  I do work with glass and fimo and exhibit with two others who work with felt and glass, we would be very interested in exhibiting at your craft fair


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                    Hi Thomas,

                    We are definitely interested in your idea for a new craft fair. We are a new vintage upcycle craft business that uses old sheet music as a recurring theme amongst our products. We locally craft cards, gift tags, bunting, decoupage letters, and seasonal goods. We will be ready to sell with a strong product line and website in the next few weeks.

                    Thanks again,

                    Nicola Haynes