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Advice needed - date for Christmas craft fair.

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  • Advice needed - date for Christmas craft fair.

    My friend and I want to organise our own craft fair, because we're so fed up of trying to find wholly handmade fairs near us. We want to use our village hall, because it's smack in the centre of the village, just off the main road and has all the facilities we need - and we get a discount on the booking fees as we are local residents ;D

    The problem is - and this is where you come in, wise crafty people - we can't get the date we wanted [third Saturday in November]. We need to avoid other fairs and we don't want it too early because we want the Christmas trade. It has to be a Saturday, because there are no buses here on a Sunday and the village shops are shut so there's no passing trade.

    So ... we are now reduced to the second Saturday in December [if we can get it] which this year I think is the 10th of December. What do you think? Is this too late?
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    Personally I don't think that's too late. Some people are very organised and get all their Christmas shoppng done early, other, like me, might leave it a bit later, plus I think Christmas shopping is being left later and later every year with people working so much. Can you check with local crafters to guage interest before you commit?


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      I don't think it is too late as shopping does seem to be done later and later as people try to hang on to their cash as long as possible. For me, the 3rd week in December is the latest I book as I do a lot of personalised and special orders for Christmas presents and I need time to get these made and posted in time for them to arrive with the customer.

      My first Christmas fair is actually in October and I usually do very well at it so if you can't get the December date, perhaps look a little earlier, I don't think you will suffer for it as it is a specific handmade crafts fair so visitors are not going to be able to pop into the shops and buy the same thing nearer to Christmas.

      Good luck with your fair - you need to get some information together to get out to crafters ASAP as many will have their Christmas period booking up already (I know I have!)
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        I'm doing a 'Christmas' fair 10th & 11th December so i think it's a good time. Going by last year, a lot of people werent buying in November and ended up buying pressies in December. Good luck with the organizing and you will have to let us know how you go!
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          I don't think it's too late either, you have the perfect customer base as people will be on the look out for the hard to buy people; they will have bought the easy stuff by then and by then filling the gaps
          Also if it's well advertised, people will wait for the fair
          I rarely start my Xmas shopping in November anyway
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            Competition from shopping centres @ Christmas
            We always aim for the last Sat before Christmas. We were hoist by our own petards last yr though 'cos of the snow! AliCat was where we aimed to be (on the Bromley Mkt). But she was lucky, choosing to do the Friday just as the snow began with the odd flurry. We've been trading for the whole of December in shopping centres and it's always been the last days before Christmas they spend the most.

            Craft fairs it's a different story. October and November is when Rural Crafts Association class their events as "Crafts for Christmas". We did brilliantly last yr at their Crafts for Christmas @ Detling in early Nov. It helped of course that the sun was shining even though it was cold.

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              No it's not too late. Apparently the first week in December is the biggest spending week of the year, but you'll still do very well on the 10th.
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                We do our last event on Christmas Eve - which is always a corker - so the 10th should be fine

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                  Get a FREE ad in your local advertiser
                  Just click here to find out about Black Friday. In other words it's all baloney. As long as the sun's shining and you've done enough advertising in your local free rags you'll do ok. My wife's tip to T-C Events recently for their do at Sedlescombe Village Hall. One woman actually said she'd seen the ad in the Wealden Advertiser and left her hubby snoring on the settee and popped along!

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