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  • Public liability insuranace

    I am new to beading and craft fairs etc. Please could anyone tell me how I would get public liability insurance and would you recommend it for every event you hold a stall at?


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    You can get annual Public Liability Insurance to cover you for the whole year.

    I think a lot of people have the NMTF one or are with Ian Wallace. I share mine with my Dad who does antique fairs so I am not sure how much ours cost x


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      It's something you pay for for the year like any other insurance policy and most event organisers will insist you have cover and may want to see your certificate before they accept your booking. You will also need cover if you are selling to the public and something you made harmed them and they sued you for damages.

      These are two of the popular ones people use but you can do a search on the forum for recent threads about this topic for more info.

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        I just sent for my first one. Was recommended Combined Market Traders Insurance Association - do search for this or CMTIA. It cost me £48. It is cover for the year and all craft fairs.
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          There are several companies out there and if seleling and in business you must have pli, mine is through Artists Network, you have to be able to answer yes to 3 of their criterias but if done through DD only £28.00 per annum and insured for £5M


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            Thanks everyone x


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              I got mine from Direct line for £50 which I thought wasn't too bad
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                Public Liability

                Hello Elmo,

                I work for a business insurance broker and thought I would just briefly go through public liability (PL) insurance. You will find that more and more venues will start asking for PL before you are able to set up on-site. PL is designed to protect you and the site against potential damages and losses that are caused as a result of your actions. So lets say that you set up your stall, people are standing around and it collapses and breaks someone's foot - PL kicks in and pays the associated costs (legal fees, medical fees, loss of earnings)

                If you have any queries or questions around business insurance please feel free to send me message.

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                  I know this is an old thread, but it's relevant to my questions.

                  I was told that I wouldn't need insurance as the venue the woman planning to hold the craft fair at has its own public liability.

                  I told her that I thought it was needed for stall holders, but she said she felt it wouldn't be needed as the venue would have requested it from her. Does anyone know if this is a legal requirement to have insurance when setting up a stall at a venue?

                  I can't find any information on this on the net. (By the way, I don't mind purchasing PL insurance, I just felt I needed to double check)

                  Thanks very much


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                    Hi Phatgrrl, I think I read somewhere that it isn't a legal requirement, which certainly surprised me, but for my own piece of mind I feel happier knowing that if anything did happen that both the injured party and I would be helped. That's only my opinion, but I believe that the general view on here is that insurance is as necessary for your craft as with your car or home. I hope this helps...good luck at the fair too
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                      Thank you nettie for your answer, very much appreciated.