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Craft Fair Dilemma : What Would You Do?

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  • Craft Fair Dilemma : What Would You Do?

    Good evening all....
    I wonder if I can ask you for your opinions regarding a craft fair booking I have made as I just cannot decide what to do for the best.

    Here goes....I applied to do a craft event at the beginning of the year (I don't want to say which as don't want to bad mouth anyone) which was a juried one : ie you had to send photos, web links etc so the panel could assess your work, see it was handmade etc. So I thought 'ooh this sounds good'. Anyway, to cut a long story short I was accepted and am due to exhibit in a few weeks and was really excited...until I went on their website last night and clicked on the exhibitor page and out of 35 stalls, 15 of them are jewellery!!!! That is like, every other stall!!! I am gutted as I sort of expected that as they were so strict on applications, then they would be restricting the number of similar crafts.

    I cannot remember now if I actually asked if there were limits on the same type of crafts, so I guess this is probably my own fault for not checking (I usually do). I don't know what to do for the best as I really am not looking forward to going at all now.

    Do I
    a) e mail the organiser and ask them to clarify if there is a limit on crafts, more stall holders to be added onto the list who aren't doing jewellery (therefore the percentage of jewellery overall is less)

    b) turn up, put up and hope for the best....and remember in future to be sure to ask organisers for future fairs exactly how many jewellery exhibitors there are going to be?

    c) other suggestions?????

    Sorry to sound like a moaner, I am just really disappointed and the fair is quite expensive and as a student I cannot afford to just throw that sort of money away (plus petrol for c200 mile round trip).

    Am I being silly?
    What would you guys all do?

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    I would certainly go with A and ask for more info, as you say 200 round trip is a lot of miles for what could potentially be a waste of time. Do you have any emails from them or do they have a website, so you could try to find out before contacting them. It could also be a typo, and the actual number of jewellery is 5.

    other than that I think you have to decide for yourself, but I would defo be put off, do let us know what you do and what happens....
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      Thanks for your reply.

      I sort of feel like I am behaving like a spoilt child that doesn't want to share! lol!

      The organisers seem really professional and really nice so it may just be a simple mistake like you said


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          PM'd you

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            I'm a coward and would do b. and kick myself very, very hard....but you never know, it could turn out to be your best fair.


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              It is a difficult one as you can never tell what is going to happen.

              Sometimes the fairs we convince ourselves are not going to work turn out to be fantastic. I think you need to ask yourself which you would regret more - cancelling your booking and risking never being able to get a stall at future events they are organising without knowing how well you would have done or taking the risk, giving it a go and possibly making a loss over the weekend.

              I have always taken the view when booking fairs that if I can't afford to lose the booking fee, then I won't book it. Even the best organisers in the world cannot make visitors spend their money, irrelevant of what stalls are booked in.

              Good luck with your decision. I would certainly speak to the organisers and try to understand why there are so many jewellery stalls - if they are promoting the number of jewellery stalls as part of their marketing, it could work in your favour as it may attract more visitors who are looking specifically looking to purchase jewellery. There are specific jewellery shows up and down the country and stallholders I have spoken to who have taken place in these do seem to do pretty well at them.
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