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What do I need for a craft fair?

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  • What do I need for a craft fair?

    I know this might sound silly to you all, but I have never done a craft fair before. I would love to try one & see if my items sell. But what do I need. Do you need to take a table & chair? Also how do you decorate your space? Do you use banners or something else. I would be selling dolls, cushions & wall bags ect.

    Thank you for any advice

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    Doing your first fair is always a massive learning experience as until you are actually there with your products, it is hard to tell what set up is going to work best for your products.

    Do a few trial runs at home first with different table layouts - using height is always a great idea so that visitors can see things easily. With different things for sale, you may want to try grouping similar items together or mixing things up to see which you think looks best to you. You can use the boxes you transport things in under your tablecloth to create some higher spots.

    You will want to have (not a comprehensive list but the basics):

    - lots of business cards or leaflets for visitors to take away with them
    - bags for sold items
    - A notebook to jot down ideas from looking at other stall layouts, other shows you might find out about or customer requests/suggestions
    - A receipt book or basic printed blank receipts (just incase someone asks for a receipt)
    - Tablecloth(s)
    - Cashbox/Bag & Float
    - Book to list sales in
    - Something to eat/drink (saves spending money on the day)
    - Lighting if you access to electricity (helps to highlight your key items)
    - If you are able to do some crafting while you are there during quieter times this can help generate interest - take some finishing off or easy tasks with you.
    - Most importantly, take a big smile and welcome for all the visitors to the show! And enjoy yourself.

    With regards to tables/chairs - this depends upon the organiser - some will provide these, some don't. Make sure you check with them exactly what is provided.

    There are other threads on here already which will have other suggestions so a quick search may give more ideas.

    Good luck with your first fair.
    Ali x

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      Wooow, thank you so much Ali
      You have been a great help. I wouldn't have thought of half the things you have mentioned. I will look up the other threads like you said. Thank you again Ali.