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  • FootFall

    Hi everyone What would you expect to see as footfall though a craft fair door what sort of number is the best number of people though the door

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    Footfall is a very seductive thing...but actually irrelevant if the people walking through are simply walking through. It is hard to state a number as the ideal as it depends on the type of event, location. venue, number of stalls etc... People can be just as put off by a packed event as an empty one. I would say a steady stream of people throughout the duration of the event is what I would consider ideal...and preferably those with an interest in the type of wares on offer, rather than those simply shepherded through the event


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      200,000 over 2-3 days is always a good number. 7000 @ a village fête between the hrs of 2 and 5 can be fantastic as well as frenetic if the sun shines. We jot down our sales as we go along but when you're selling to that amount of people over such a short timescale — wrapping and taking the money for several customers simultaneously every minute — you need to write in shorthand!

      However occasions like this are rare. It always seemed to happen when I was operating on my own. And my wife would be doing another one elsewhere and have the very products in abundance that I'd have run out of!

      Christmas in a shopping centre sees considerable footfall too. Coping with the amount of sales over a month-long period can be v wearing but profitable.

      Nice reminiscing but we'll be out there again soon like we were last Sat with AliCat in the COLD. Wind whistling round your whotsits. Reality.

      .Grenville Allen.
      -------f i n e a r t i s t-----


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        It totally depends on the event, the competition ,location, weather and so on. You can have 500,000 who go past your stall like a tidal wave or a few hundred of the right sort of peopel.


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          Give me thousands rather than hundreds anyday.
          Annie needs grown ups needing what I sell. .
          Anna needs families with lots of kids in a relaxed let's have fun mood, hanging around for most of the day. .


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            This is way the kids craft table works so well as it becomes relaxed and familys hang around for longer People on Saturday where hanging around for up to an hour and more as the kids where making crafts on the table and of course it means they will come back next month


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              Footfall does not equal sales, I have found the larger the footfall, the bigger the event less sales as more stalls to spread the money between, more choice, public cannot make decisions therefore end up not spending anything. Sometimes quantity is not quality


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                footfall? Never heard of this term before I started making models for a living and showing my work in the 'craft' arena. Footfall makes me think of herds of animals actually, all milling round and getting confused then disillusioned. I prefer quality than quantity. And why don't more craft fair organisers think more about marketing them? How about listing actual exhibitors and what they do? And have them list their websites on the organisers webpage. Let's face it, we're all responsible to making a show a good show. Here's where I'll be this Sunday thanks to the great work which has been done to promote this excellent show.
                Alan Tolfrey.