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Bootsales - Good Idea?

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  • Bootsales - Good Idea?

    Hi all,

    I'm new here. Was just looking for some advice. I am struggling to find any craft fairs in my area, my local one is on a Monday and as I work in a school I can't take any week days off.

    However, we do have Denham Giant Car Boot near me every Saturday - but I don't know if selling crafts there is a good idea? I have got an online shop but not having much luck!

    Would appreciate any advice.

    Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

    Anna xx


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    I've tried one once, and that was enough!! When some silly bint tells me at 8am that my stuff is all cheap and nasty she nearly got her head ripped off, never ever again!! You will find everyone wants to pay 10p for things and will always try and knock the price down, I'm not up for that at all, especially not at silly 'o' clock on a sunday morning, selina


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      Generally I don't think boot sales work that well for hand crafted goods. People go to bootsales to flog their unwanted junk/pick up cheapie bargains on second hands stuff as a rule...(one man'
      s trash is another man's treasure and all that ...)

      There are a few boot markets that are a mix of new and used things but I would definitely recommend checking them out before you go to the expense and effort of getting a stall there. A Boot market and a craft market are two very different creatures.

      I wish you luck if you do try it and hope you will let us know how it goes.


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        Got to agree with Selina and Christa. Car boot sales are, in my opinion, for getting rid of your old junk quickly and picking up more old junk from other people, cheaply! I don't think it's the place for handcrafted items that have taken time and effort.
        You say you haven't had much success with sales via your website, I think this is a case of promotion, promotion and a bit more promotion!
        Make sure you tell people your site is there. Lots of people use Twitter and Facebook for this purpose, and make sure you give out plenty of business cards etc. Try asking if you can leave a few in local businesses, eg hairdressers, beauticians, village shop etc, if you haven't done so already (and keep checking and topping up with more!)
        Just a few ideas, which I hope may be of some use!


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          I'd say give it a go, I do agree with the sentiments above however, if there are no craft outlets in terms of organised fairs local then why not... a friend of mine does very well at a large boot sale making around £160 a time, looking at those on here who complain to just about make table money at organised events have you anything to lose ??. I think it's about whether you can actually sell or not, not so much about the products too, also there's the regularity of actually doing a venue time and time again to become recognised it may be slow to start but you never know, keep us posted.
          I Melt Glass For a Living


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            Hi No I don't thing Crfat and boot sales mix I run both Craft Fairs and boot sales in fact I have just had a very busy weekend ruining an Craft Fair on Saturday and a boot sale yesterday Sunday A lady did stand on my boot sale selling cards but did nothing the odd person brought from her but most people just walked passed not even looking< I felt so sorry to see her standing there taking no money and I know that is the worse felling in the world

            So no please don't waste your time standing boot sales they don't mix


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              Because bootsales are so cheap you can get your gear out much cheaper than the average craft fair and when people get to know you you can ask a good price for your work. There are some good quality sales that are de facto markets with people selling plants, books, antiques and collectables. I started out doing carboots and is very good experience for presenting your goods, dealing with the public and the whole craft of selling.


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                Hi, thanks so much everyone for the advice - I really appreciate it. I think I'll plough on with the online shop and just have a look at the local bootsale in case there are any other crafters doing ok there.

                Thanks again,
                Anna x