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Possible Easter craft fayre Birmingham

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  • Possible Easter craft fayre Birmingham

    Hi all,

    Anyone living in Birmingham and in fact the midlands generally would conclude that there is not alot going on craft fayre wise and the ones that are about are £30 and upwards. I am at the point where I want to take my craft further and desperately looking for outlets for this that don't cost the earth in the first place and have a chance to sell something, which is impossible when people are not coming through the door.

    So, after attending enough craft fayres over the last couple years. Ive decided to have a go at organising one for myself. I am in the process of costing it up in the venue I have found. The hall I've found is called Brampton Hall, in new Oscott, north Birmingham, not too far from Sutton Coldfield. Its next door (right next door) to a massive tesco and a retail park with M&S etc

    So a couple of things really...

    Firstly, I have two dates in mind Sat 16th April, which is the Saturday before Easter, and 23rd April which is Easter Saturday. Which one would people buy at? I thought the latter would have been a better date but are people away on holiday? Would it be too late for people shopping for alternatives to eggs and whatnot?

    Secondly, who would be up for it? Obviously, this is not a tried and tested event, however, if the costs can be done at the right price, I really think it could be a well placed venue with massive potential footfall.


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    Hi Rachael

    I live around the Birmingham area and I know exactly what you mean about the lack of fayres.

    I think the either date would be fine. The first to buy for Easter and the second because people would be relaxed and looking for places to go over the long weekend.

    Sounds like a fab idea!!

    Let me know if I can help.



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      Hi Rachael,

      I'm from Coventry but know that area quite well due to having relatives over that side.
      I'd be interested in attending.

      Michelle xx


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        I was working on that retail park in sutton until just before xmas it gets very busy at easter I would say easter saturday would be your busiest day but it would need to be advertised well most people who go to that site go to next tescos and m&s and boots. Brampton Hall I think is on the front so is on the main Chester road so may get a lot of passing trade coming from the Brownhills direction. If there is a next sale on the car park is rammed although the car park is full most of the time, this may put buyers off, the site owners were also talking about charging to park before xmas I would check this hasnt gone into force yet. I worked in Kutchenhaus a German kitchen company It has been open for over a year and we would get regular customers to the retail park that would say that they didnt even know it was there. customers to that site tend to visit that site for an individual shop and not to browse shop. I would see if Brampton Hall would allow you to put up a banner on the main Chester road you could also see if Tescos would allow you to banner on their site. I know the residents on the main chester rd and the council oppose advertising banners on the front but if its a craft fayre it may be different because its a one off and a community event please keep an update because I would be interested and I will let my friends know in sutton and erdington


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          Yes I would also be interested as it not far for me to travel and I'm not having any luck with either finding any craft fairs or indeed getting into them.........for my jewelly I mean.

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            Hi Rachael we met at the craft fayre in wolverhampton on saturday, i had a stall selling my sock creations. I am from erdington so know the area really well and i think its a great idea. I think 16th April would be a better date because by the 23rd people may be spent out after having the kids at school for 2 weeks. Of course you run the risk of people being on holiday but i think that would be the same, if not more so for easter weekend. Let me know what you decide and i would definately be up for it.
            Rebecca x
            Rebecca xx

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              I was at Wolverhampton too

              I would be interested in anything on 16th, I am on holiday over Easter weekend.
              Hope to hear from you soon
              With love



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                Thanks for the responses and thoughts everyone. Will get back to you all as this progresses. I think I'm going to opt for the 16th, as parking could be a nightmare in that area easter Saturday. We are going to need more than 6 of us tho, so please leave a post if your up for it :-)


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                  Hi Rachael

                  I'd love to come on the 16th. Probably wouldn't on the Easter Sunday. I have found in the past that Easter Sunday is a great day for people going 'out' as a family - but to browse not necessarily to shop! I sell jewellery and bags. Not necessarily both at the same time!

                  Would prefer to sell jewellery as this I have the most of - and i need to sell some before i make any more!! - but there are so many people starting this now, i've diversified into making bags!!



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                    I don't think i will have enough to sell by Easter but i will come along and make sure my friends know about it


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                      i did organise a craft fayre myself last year so still have a few contacts from that. I will ask if any of them are interested and available on 16th .. did you have an idea of price and times yet?
                      Rebecca xx

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                        Sounds lovely. I wish there was one near Leeds.


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                          Dont quote me on it but I reckon its going cost around £15 each and around 10 am till 4. However this could change when I go and sort the venue this week.


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                            Re: craft fair

                            Hi there .... I am a wood turner and I agree that there is very little out there for the amateur craft fairer who wants to have a try at selling their creations without the large payment up front. I have never done a craft fair but would love to be a part of this as I would like to set out my own stall and know a few others who may be interested for the money you seem to be aiming for. Let me know what happens with this as hopefully it will come to fruition with enough support!
                            Asking me to make you a shelf is like asking Michealangelo to creosote your fence.



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                              Awesome, will do cheers Duke of Burl :-)