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Help needed re designing backdrop for my craft table????

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  • Help needed re designing backdrop for my craft table????

    I am at a loss to know how I should display my creations and wondered if any of you could give me some ideas.

    I need a backdrop on the stall - I have a 6' table - in order to hang my wall wreaths. I know I am going to have to attach it to the table with clamps or something because they are quite heavy.

    Can anyone suggest how I should make one, out of what etc etc!!!.

    I have 6 weeks to do this!!!

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    I have seen someone at a fair with a similar display and they did it like this.

    At each end of the stall & clamped to it was a set of shelves. One end of each set of shelves was thicker with a groove in it so that a back board could be slotted in & this also fitted into a base board or plinth which was also clamped to the table.

    From what I can remember they clamped the plinth to the table & slotted in the back board & one person held it in place whilst someone else fitted 1 set of shelves (& clamped it) & then the other to each end. It was very sturdy, was easy to do with 2 people & also gave extra display space at each end.

    I hope this all make sense & is of some help.


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      A piece of plywood or chipboard covered in an old velvet curtain (charity shop?) Along the bottom back screw a baton about 3 - 4" wide along it. This is what you would clamp to the table unseen. Couple of cheap G clamps would be strong enough. You can then hang your decorations as and where you like using map pins or something like those. Should look classy and easily made. You could do several smaller ones instead of one larger one if it is easier for transport.

      Hope this helps or gives ideas

      "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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        Thank you for the ideas - I will try the easier option. Just need to get out my husband's power tools!