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  • Still looking for crafters

    Hello again from the Great British Craft Bazaar.

    I posted on here a little while ago promoting our new craft event, but sadly it didn't seem to generate much interest.
    Not one to be disheartened I'm here again with a promotional opportunity for you.

    Myself and my colleague are putting together a mini magazine to accompany the event, and we are looking for craft tutorial content for it.
    If any of you are willing to submit a short tutorial we could use in relation to ANY craft, we will give you full credit (and a bit of advertising) in the magazine.

    Any takers? Feel free to PM me, or contact me at [email protected]



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    Hi Linda

    Do you have space constraints for the tutorial - does it have to be under a certain number of words and do you need photos too?

    Just want to add for anyone else: I'm planning to exhibit (and demonstrate a bit of painting too) at this event. For those who don't know the area, it's well-placed for customers and local people are likely to support it.
    digital stamps for cardmakers:
    hand painted personalised plaques, clocks, canvases, etc:


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      Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for the plug! Only 4 weeks now.

      The magazine is going to be A5 glossy and each tutorial is going to have its own page, so we thought if the tute took up the top 3/4 of the page, the person submitting could have advertising space of the bottom 1/4.
      Photos would be good, so maybe 6 photos with instructions.......then there's 2 photos per 1/4 vertically......

      Does that make sense?


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        Where is the bazaar going to be? You haven't said. If it's local to me I might be interested in knowing more.


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          Originally posted by Daesul View Post
          Where is the bazaar going to be? You haven't said. If it's local to me I might be interested in knowing more.
          Apologies for not adding a link to this thread.

          The first event is in Warrington, Cheshire, so not local to you sadly, but we're taking the event around the country so there will be one nearer you at some point. Even if you can't get there to exhibit there's still ways you can become involved. See the advertising tab on our website, or submit a simple tutorial for inclusion in the minimag.

          Visit to browse the site and read the original thread at

          Many thanks for your interest.
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