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Craft Fair In Clitheroe Lancashire Please Help

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  • Craft Fair In Clitheroe Lancashire Please Help

    Hi I have started running a Craft fair in Clitheroe 5 March and every first Saturday on the month though I have a few stalls booked I still have space I know I get footfall over 300 at the first fair but I would like more I have though about live music and street artists outside the door do you thing it would work to stop and bring in those people who just walk passed.

    I also put out free crafts for the kids which got some family's in what ease could I do to bring in the family's I want this and my other fairs to be the best for my traders

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    This is exactly what I want to try and do here in Jersey.....Was it difficult to get started?
    I want to do a kids crafts section to keep them entertained while parents shop......

    Any advice would be great!! x
    Sarah x

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      I do regular craft fairs with a couple of girls from Yorkshire (made-it) and they take it in turns to walk around the nearby streets with a large placard advertising the fair on the day, it helps to bring people in and it seems to work. It just says something like 'craft fair by made-it' and the name of the venue, no date, that way you can use it every time!


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        That is a very good ideail I put lots of posters out in the Town saying Craft Fair this way which takes them through the Town to the fair I ham doing flayers on the day also on the 5th I always give out flayers on the market days before the sale but though on the day But i would also give this a try thank you. Also don't know if you got it yet I have just sent you an email though your website telling you about this fair Thank you


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          No its not hard to get started but always check what the council rules are for running fairs The one thing I know is don't cut on advertising you cant advertise enough and it is a full time job punting out posters and flayers the Towns I do a 50 mile area of the fair with posters in shops pubs cafes everywhere if its got a window its gets a poster and then the internet and papers also. Build a relationship with the shopkeepers get to know them these are the people who know people and will pass on your number and tell there friends about your events. One point hear is if you are going to do a cafe at your event make sure you have all the paper work Where the church or community centre may get away with having anyone behind the cooker selling food you will not the council will make sure you have someone who has the paper work. I always let the church do the cafe they allways need the money and its a nice way of giving something back


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            Sounds a great idea, you will need to check licenses for live music though as it's best to stay in the right side of the law. I'm in Bristol that weekend but will be sure to come over and check you out in April.


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              I've just joined this forum as I make jewellery. Always looking for new craft fairs to do and your is not far from where I live (I'm in Lytham). Can you send me details - costs, times, dates, exact location etc.