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Farnborough Hants - shop revamp welcoming sale or return.

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  • Farnborough Hants - shop revamp welcoming sale or return.

    North Hampshire and Surrey crafters making anything to do with sewing and knitting:
    My Material Things in Kingsmead in Farnborough is having a make over. Times are hard and they have hit on sale or return to stock the empty corners of their shop.
    They are keeping 30% of any sale they make. They don't want to do anything online or by post (at this stage), they like face to face so you would need to walk in with your stuff. They are very friendly. Be prepared and bring your own paperwork, labels, cards etc. You can say I told you. They know me as Anne Chernett the Chile Lady.

    For those who don't know Farnborough its shopping centre is on the up. If you picked up on any of my previous comments that wasn't a very hard thing to do. It had a gentle buzz about it the last two days I popped in. It even had a busker. It is a bit of a building site at the moment but I must admit the new shops look rather nice.
    Car parks. The Sainsbury one is closest to Kingsmead but costs a pound which you can get back by spending £10 in Sainsbury's. You can park for 3 hours free in the B&Q carpark a 5-10 minute walk away. (The 10 minutes is because you walk past all the shops to get to Kingsmead and you might get distracted.)