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Advice needed on my first craft fair please

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  • Advice needed on my first craft fair please

    I have booked a stall at a local craft fair, and have paid a little extra to have an electricity point for lighting. Gulp. This is my first ever 'proper' fair.

    The organizers will also, if possible, make a little additional room available at no extra cost for those craftsmen who are willing to demonstrate.

    I am so nervous it's untrue, even though it isn't till 3rd November.

    I make greetings cards, and I think that early November means Christmas cards - so I'd better get cracking.

    I need advice from experienced craft fair goers about the lighting! I've paid for it and I don't quite know what to do with it!

    I have to supply my own lighting fixtures. In the house I have a banker's light, and a rather ugly anglepoise, currently holding my daylight bulb. I bought it for functionality, not its looks! It does give a nice clear light, but the fixture itself is quite ugly.

    I also have an assortment of table lamps from tall and slender ( brass, with parchment shades) to a faux-oil lamp in amber glass ( if I can find it: it is an unwanted gift and quite hideous).

    Should I see what I can get together from what I have, or is it worthwhile to pop down to Ikea and perhaps get one or two of their spotlights? I know they don't cost very much, but my margins are quite slim.

    My outlay on equipment and so on has already far outstripped what bits I've made back ( four cards at the Gala Day at the Beacon Centre).

    I'm sure I read somewhere on the forum that a little decoration on the stall can also add to its attractiveness - I think I heard seashells mentioned.

    Shells are a bit summery for Christmas, but I do have a wonderful collection of pinecones of all shapes and sizes ( sad, I know, but I love these things: their symmetry and their fit-for-purpose-ness, and nature did it all herself!).
    Does anyone think they would detract from ,rather than add to, the overall impression?

    I already have a snowy cotton sheet for covering the table, and am thinking of ideas to 'lift' some stands or something like that at the back of the table. All I can think of at the moment is books or cardboard boxes, covered with the sheet. I don't really want to outlay on proper stands if I can help it.

    Any help and advice gratefully received:I know you're a nice friendly lot out there!

    Prims. xxx

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    What are you selling?
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        Thanks for the link, Beads - I sell greetings cards.


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          Did I read somewhere that if you use lighting it needs to be tested and signed off as safe?

          Pine cones sound good! The way you present / decorate your table is really important I think. As I should imagine there will be a few card stalls at the fayre, to make yours stand out would be a good move.
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            As I understand it, Kate, from the organizer, your electrical doodads are checked on the day.

            It's the one you told me about at Pelsall. They have about 40 stalls, and the lady I spoke to today said that they were always well-attended. When I phoned up for a booking form last week, they had already got 22 stalls of which 4 were cards. However, nothing ventured nothing gained.

            I don't know what other stalls there are, and daresay I won't till I get there, but I do know that cardmaking is hugely popular ( and the quality varies enormously). It's also very subjective.

            I'm not a handbags-and-shoes card type of person, but I know that many women do like this type of card, the frilly feminine ones.

            I love florals, pastels, old-fashioned cards, I don't like cutie or sweetie ones, and so don't make them. I'm not very good at stamping, but am a whizz at iris folding, layering and matting. If I want anything stamped, I ask my daughter to do it as she's much better than me.

            And I can't be doing with the Coca Cola Santa Claus at ALL - thinking about Christmas - in the two piece suit with a silly pompom on the silly hat, but I know that others love him. I much prefer Father Christmas in a robe with a hood!