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    Having just lost one of my jobs and there being a distinct lack of available jobs I'm gonna have to make the whole craft thing pay for at least a while, problem is finding fairs and I make jewellery and cards (always a problem but i like to think what i do is different)! If anyone knows of any in merseyside (could maybe get a little further afield) I'd be really grateful!

    I still need exhibitors for the one i'm organising on the 8th september too so please get in touch!
    this is what I do

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    Hello Emma

    Sorry to hear about the job situation
    There is a craft fair in Salford at Ordsall Hall on 7 Oct - Ceri Horrocks posted the thread a while ago
    Try doing a search for the member and then see all the threads they have started.
    Maybe worth a try?

    Good luck!


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      Fairs in Merseyside

      Hi Emma
      I'm much the same as you, having to try to make a living from crafting! I have done a couple of Christmases at Croxteth Hall. It's ok but very dependent on the weather and not too well advertised. Creative Crafts Association do well organised big events throughout the North West but it all depends what you make, I think they're over booked with cards and jewellery. Try their website.Good luck!


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        fair in merseyside

        Hi Emma,

        Try to go to They do craft fair in Liverpool. Good Luck!


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          Calidad Events are nice people, but read the Terms first. I can't do events with them, because the power is not available. The CCA are very good,however Bolton was not good for me. Sometimes if you go to places where is to much traders the public can only buy from some. My prices are 30-250GBP so another point is that the people won't carry that much cash. THINK THINK and risk it or find another way of selling. Personaly I'm start thinking that is no way to live from crafts.

          Wish you best:-)


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            If you have a look on my blog, there's an events page (I'm based in Warrington, so a lot the events I've booked will be do-able for you too). I've listed fairs I'm attending, and wherever possible I've provided links to the organiser.

            Following redundancy, I'm another who is trying to make a living from crafts. It's definitely possible, but it takes time to build up sales. I don't think it's possible to earn a living from craft fairs alone these days, and most crafters have websites, a presence on other websites, stuff in shops, etc. It's a juggling act! I've been doing it less than a year though, and am pleased with how the websales are starting to take off.

            The bigger craft fairs are great for getting your name out there. I've noticed a jump in website visitors after a big fair - not so much after smaller fairs (although I've found it's really worthwhile doing very local events). Sometimes it's quite a long time afterwards that people actually buy something.

            Good luck with it. It's hard work, but then everything worthwhile usually is!!
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              Hi Emma,

              Sorry to hear about your recent job loss.

              I organise Art, Design & Craft Fairs, as previously indicated in this thread by Johanna and Yani - thank you to both of you for the positive comments you made.

              Johanna rightly said there is no electricity available at one of the venues I use - Lark Lane and this is because there is plenty of natural light coming through overhead skylights. The other venue is Childwall school - at which there will be electricity available - although it still will be well lit.

              Have a look at our website - . Then by all means, if you don't want to commit straight away, come along to one of our Events and see what you think. We're at Lark Lane Old Police Station on 24 April, 10am to 3pm; and then at Childwall School, Childwall Fiveways on 01 May 11am to 4pm.

              Our website gives you a good idea of what we're about.

              Hope to either hear from you or meet you at one of our Events.
              Kind regards